thc juice

thc juice

alright! this is john kohler with,today we have another exciting episode for your guys and you guys that are long-termviewers actually probably know where i am already before i even say anything becausei got my [inaudible] suit on, my [inaudible] suit on, and i’m all suited up to head intothe grow area here at north coast naturals. north coast naturals is a medicinal marijuanacollective that i joined once i got my prop 215 card here in california. and the reasonwhy i’m here today to share with you guys the best way i believe all you guys out therethat are using cannabis should use it, and no, it’s not smoking it. so in any case,let’s head back into the growing area to the bedroom here at north coast naturals toshare with you guys some updates about how

they’re growing here, but more importantlyhow i’m going to be using my medicinal cannabis. okay i’m coming in!so now i’m here in the bedroom here at north coast naturals, and we’re going to sharewith you guys a way that many growers out there do all the time, but instead of justgenerating bags of a waste product like right here, basically this is all the trimmings,right? the trimmings get put in a bag, they get composted or sent to the trash, and iknow many of you guys that are growers are doing this, and i want to encourage you guysto stop, all right? [inaudible] waste, wow. actually kind of smells good. but you’rewasting your leaves, there’s a much better use of this stuff, all the trimmings thatyou guys are taking off at all stages of growth,

even after you’re harvested you’ve gotgood leaves, you can juice them. so what we’re going to do now is we’re just going to goahead and take some clippers, and in the bedroom here, what they’re doing is they’re raisingsome of the plants to take into the flower room later on. they’re also using this assome of their mother stalk and they’re going to come with the scissors and they’re justgoing to basically cut off some of these guys and they’re going to take clones from theseguys. but if they have enough clones then these normally go into the trash, but insteadof that i want you guys to save these and juice these regularly for your health. alsoother people that have medicinal prescriptions such as myself should be juicing this. inmy opinion, juicing the leaves of the cannabis

is much more powerful than smoking it in myopinion. and so we’re going to go ahead and trim a couple more of these guys off,we’re going to take a couple of small guys down here, and maybe one of these guys overhere, and we can even clip off some of these leaves there, because these leaves yes, anygreen material, especially the leaves, and i personally love the little baby growth,is best to juice. all right so now i thought i’d take youinto the flower room. this guy is probably about three weeks in. as you guys can seethe buds are developing nicely in the flower room, and one of the things in the flowerroom they want to do is they want to keep the leaf growth down, they don’t want tomassively grow leaves because they’re not

getting paid on the leaves, they’re gettingpaid and growing high quality flowers here, and that’s what growing cannabis is allabout, they’re concentrating on growing really good flowers, but i don’t want youguys to forget about the leaves because in the flower room here, they’re going to basicallypinch off some of these lower leaves to give more energy to go to the buds, plus also someof these leaves on the bottom just aren’t getting any light anyways. normally theseleaves would be pinched off and then once again thrown away or compost [inaudible] mylast leaf here, hey here’s a leaf for you. all right so what we’re going to do withthese leaves is the best thing in my opinion. all the growers out there watching this, andif you’re a medicinal patient growing your

own, you should also be doing this to yourleaves. the leaves in my opinion are far more valuable than the buds themselves. and thisis the medicine that’ll be using myself. so what we’re going to do next, actuallywe’re going to go back into the bedroom, we’re going to go ahead and join up withmit the master grower here, who also has been juicing his medicinals here at north coastnaturals. he’s going to share his world-famous cannabis juice recipe that contains not onlythe cannabis leaves, but other beneficial nutritious fruits and vegetables. but beforewe do that we’re going to go in there and i’m going to juice these leaves straightup and drink cannabis juice for the first time ever for me on youtube, and i’m notgoing to get high.

john, welcome back to north coast, it’sa pleasure to have you here and especially given what we’re going to be doing today,it couldn’t be more appropriate. well thanks for having me back, i’m lookingforward to juicing for the first time in my life ever some cannabis leaves. so tell memore about the cannabis juicing and the juicing, because this is actually your personal is my personal juicer, i’ve had it for several years, i’ve been a long-time juicer,and over the years i’ve tried to use cannabis a little bit more and a little bit more intomy juicing, and now i’ve tried to make it a routine part of my life that science iscoming out every day it seems, i mean even today there was some news that came out abouthow juicing is helping people either stay

healthy or solve problems that have been solvedwith more traditional or not solved as the case may be, with more traditional westernmedicines, and it’s just obvious that the plant is getting better and better for treatingmultiple different problems, and this is one of the best applications that you can actuallyuse the cannabis plant for. i totally agree, i think everybody shouldbe juicing not only the cannabis leaf, which is a lot of studies and new information comingout of, but i’ve been into juicing for over 20 years now, just juicing standard fruitsand vegetables, including other leafy greens and herbs that in my opinion are also i don’t want you guys thinking like “cannabis is like the cure for everything,” becausewe can’t even say cure, we’re not even

going to say cure word, but as good as cannabisis, there are many other medicinal nutritional green leaves and other herbs that i have otherepisodes on, so i want you guys to have a holistic approach that you know, “oh yeahi could go out and eat mcdonald’s, be bad, eat a bad diet, eat processed foods, eat junkfoods, and then juice the cannabis up to rescue me.” no, you guys should eat a healthy dietincluding in my opinion, juice some cannabis leaves. so, mit, you’ve been juicing thecannabis for a long time now and also a user of the cannabis yourself in other ways. soeverybody wants to know, does the cannabis juice get you high like smoking it?no, no it doesn’t. and that is the benefit of juicing cannabis or certainly one of thebenefits of juicing cannabis. it’s something

that has such a wide variety of applications.if you’re an adult cannabis user and you’re suffering from some ailment that cannabishelps such that you need to do it on a daily basis or multiple times a day basis, but youdon’t want to smoke or have a cannabis edible in the morning for example, what you can dois simply juice it, and either do it in a raw sort of isolated juice format, or youcan do it in a more comprehensive format which is the north coast recipe we’re going todo tonight, you can do it with that application in mind or you can, for example if you havechildren that are suffering for something, they can juice it or imbibe the cannabis inits raw form, and you’re going to get a much higher concentration and a much denserconcentration of the active ingredients that

are problem-solving without the psychoactiveeffects that you would otherwise get with more traditional applications and uses ofcannabis. wow, so those are the applications that iadvocate, i mean if you guys want to smoke and do other things that heat it up and gethigh off it, that’s cool but i’m in it specifically for the medicinal benefits withoutgetting high. so [inaudible] made some of the other videos out at north coast naturalsand you haven’t seen those, there’s three of them, and i’ll put links down below thisvideo, so be sure to check those out, you guys can check out this whole grow, how hegrows things here organically, clean green certified, some of the cleanest and best stuffi’ve seen. so let’s talk about that, mit,

we’ll give you juicing your leaves here,you guys just saw me harvest these leaves that we’re going to be putting through thisjuicer in just a second, and i don’t have any concerns about juicing these leaves becausethere’s no toxic chemicals or anything, let’s talk about that mit, should peoplebe juicing or even growing cannabis if they’re using toxic chemicals that may end up in thebuds, but also the leaves? absolutely not, obviously. i wouldn’t even,i mean depending on what’s actually being used to treat the plant from the standpointof whatever chemical pesticide that you’re using, a lot of the pesticides as we talkedabout in one the earlier videos, are systemic which means that even if you took that leafand rinsed it off, rinsed it off again, rinsed

it off a third time, a 300th time, you’dstill have toxicity in the chemical in the actual leaf because it is a systemic toxin,it’s a systemic pesticide. other pesticides will be just simply treating the surface ofthe leaf, and you could possibly rinse that off, but who knows if you’re getting 100%of it or not? i mean, as you know, and as i know from you, we’re both long-term, longtime believers in avoiding chemicals whenever possible because they’re just not in the process of doing that, one of the beautiful things you can do is just simplyliterally pick the leaf off the plant, come in, eat it, juice it, whatever you like todo, and you’re going to be totally fine. awesome, awesome. so i guess without furtherado, let’s go ahead and turn this juicer

on and get juicing some of these cannabisleaves. now, you know i want to give you guys a full disclaimer, i sell juicers, that’show i make my living, that’s how i’m able to travel around and make all these videosfor you guys. today we’re using the green star twin gear juicer, and it is called thegreen star because one of the things it’s good at is juicing greens, it’s excellent,probably hands down one of the best juicers for yield in terms of getting nutrition outof hard root vegetables such as carrots and the beets we’ll also be juicing, but whenjuicing carrots and the greens, it does very well, and in a minute we’ll actually beeven juicing some of these thick stems, and the green star has no problems breaking upthese stems. now, if you have a high spinning,

fast spinning juicer that you got from yourlocal department store, you’re going to have a to put a lot of cannabis leaves throughit to get a little bit of juice, and the other thing, the high-speed juicers, some of themrun at 10,000 plus rpms, spinning very fast it’s oxidizing the juice and lowering thenutrition. you know, i’m into growing the highest quality herb, like here at north coastnaturals, and having a high-quality high-end juicer that’s going to do the least amountof oxidated damage to the juice. so this guy runs at under 125 rpms, so it’s nice andslow. it has two twin gear, let me go ahead and show you that to you guys real quick,because what these twin gears do, it’s like inside the transmission inside a car, thegears kind of run together. and besides just

the gears inside here, here’s the gearsright here, two stainless steel gears, and this is actually some teeth that basicallycut up all the fibrous strands. most other juicers do not actually have these teeth,and what happens is the juice literally goes in between here and just gets crushed, andas this is working, there’s also far infrared and magnetic technologies that in my opinionpull out more nutrients and will give you the healthiest juice. and this is especiallyimportant if you’re going to be juicing this for medicinal purposes. so mit, you wantto talk about basically when you’re juicing, you’re concentrating the nutrition, becauseliterally, if we took all these leaves we could have a big salad of this and i don’tknow how fun that would be, maybe if you got

some good salad dressing. but literally that’sa lot of leaf matter to be eating, and you’re only going to absorb a small percentage ofthe nutrition because especially most people do not chew their food into a mush. that’swhy we give babies baby food, you ever thought about that? because they don’t got teeth,so we need to give them the baby food so it’s totally broken down so that their intestinesand all that stuff could digest the food. and so that’s why the juicer is so beneficialbecause the juicer is doing the digestion or you. literally we’re going to put wholeleaves in, out one side of the juicer the bottom is going to come the juice, out thefront is the fiber and that’s really what we do i mean, we eat something, out the frontwe have a liquid, and out the back we got

the solid, seriously, right? and our bodieshave to work to digest the stuff, so when you take a juice, literally it is absorbedfaster than any other food you could be eating, because we’re removing the fiber and itgets right in there in my opinion to give you the most health benefit. all right mitif you want to talk about the concentrations of the thc and the difference between thethc a and the regular standard thc? so when you’re juicing the actual cannabisleaf, there’s very little thc in it, very, very little, so it’s not going to have anypsychoactive effects as i mentioned earlier. what it does have is thc a. and some of youhave also heard that there’s something called cbd in the cannabis plant as well. there’sactually hundreds of different compounds,

but these are the two that are most oftendiscussed. cbd has tremendous medicinal properties. it is a tremendous anti-inflammatory responsiblefor a lot of the anti-carcinogenic affects that cannabis is described as having. so you’vegot cbd, thc, when you use heat to actually activate the cannabis plant, that is whatyou’re smoking in, in additional to all the other cannabinoids. well, in the raw foodcomponent of that, thc a and cbd a, the acid, thc acid, cbd acid, is actually what you’reimbibing. that is the healthiest form of these substances that you could actually imbibe,and the concentrations as i mentioned earlier much higher, much, much higher in juiced formof the plant. so whereas if you were to smoke the plant, you would have about, say for example10 milligrams of thc when you actually smoke

it, when you imbibe it by juicing, you’llhave 1,000 to 2,000 milligrams, much, much, much higher of the…of the thc or the thc a? thc a, so non-psychoactive. and that is much,much, much healthier. you’re getting much, much more health bang for your buck by juicingit than you are by smoking it, which is one of the several reasons that we’re here today.awesome. yeah you know, i mean i want to encourage you guys to get a juicer and juice all thedifferent fruits and vegetables because literally besides just the cannabis, all different fruitsand vegetables have in my opinion medicinal properties such as the brassica family ofplants, we’re going to be juicing some kale in a little bit and there’s studies thatshow plants in the brassica family like the

broccoli sprouts for example they’ve gotstudies on this that can help with things like cancer. and so every different familyof plants in the world have different phytonutrients and phytochemicals, which are the things andthe keywords i want you guys to tune in on, we want to be eating foods high in phytochemicalsand phytonutrients and low in calories. most people are overfed and undernourished, andjunk food is high calories with low nutrients, you know cannabis greens and kale greens,these are some superfoods, so i’m going to go ahead and get juicing some of thesestraight up cannabis greens in the green star while mit tells you more about why cannabisis a superfood. fantastic. yeah and john, you said it best,cannabis is a superfood, i think that’s

becoming increasingly apparent every singleday. and it should be thought of, well i’m not going to say it should be thought of,but i certainly think of it as one of the many superfoods that i try to eat on an everydaybasis, so in my mind it’s part of a spectrum of foods: kale, parsley, wheat grass, cannabis,these are all things that go hand in hand in my mind into my juicer that i try to blendin every single day. i’ll add in carrots, i’ll add in beets, i’ll add in ginger,what i’m describing right now is the north coast recipe that i use and that we’ve beendeveloping here and toying around with and that seems to have the right combination nutritionalpack as well as flavor. so that’s what we do and that’s how we look at things. cannabisactually if you want to be a purist and just

look at having nothing but the cannabis leafas your primary source of juice, then what you’re going to want to do is take that,juice it, and blend it with some sort of fatty-based liquid as well. so that would be like coconutwater for example, something like that or even ice cream. because what’s going toend up happening is that you’re going to get these acids, the cbd and thc a, cbd aand thc a, that will get absorbed into the fats in that, you know whether it’s an icecream or whether it’s a coconut milk or something like that, in that liquid base thatyou’re using, and then it will get absorbed in the body that much more because the cannabinoidsare fat soluble, so that’s one of the things that you’re going to want to think about.i haven’t experimented with that yet because

i like to do it as a full spectrum superfoodas i mentioned earlier. that’s how i think of it and that’s what we do.awesome. yeah the other thing i want to mention you guys is when you do have fats with yourjuice like maybe blend up or add in some coconut milk or nut milk in with the juice, you’readding some fat, and when you add the fat in besides for the reasons mit stated, italso slows down your absorption so that actually you can uptake more of the nutrients in thejuice. so you guys can see we’ve got a fairly large pile of some of the leaves, we juicedit, and we got this much juice, which is not a lot there, so i’m going to go ahead anddrink some of this stuff straight up. wow. i’ve tried many green juices in my days.your teeth are green.

yeah. you know what it tasted like wow, it’spretty strong. it’s not like burning my throat but i feel tickly back there, it’skind of when i ate a straight bud when i was here visiting earlier – not the young buds,but the buds that were like in the drying room.harvested. that are fully harvested so it really hada strong flavor for me. most of you guys probably are not going to be juicing this stuff straight like wedid, it’s probably far better to make a nice recipe out of it, because, i mean i’mused to drinking green juices, some of you guys, i don’t know what’s going to happenif you guys are going to throw up, barf or

whatever, but another way you can do thisis if you want to juice it straight is add some coconut water or just add some regularwater to it, or simply juice in some oranges to make it more milder and try to mask theflavor and that’s literally what we’re going to do next, we’re going to juice abunch of different items, so mit what are we going to be juicing today along with ourfull cannabis cuttings there? okay so, we’ve got kale, that’s obviouslyan essential at least it is in my mind, we’ll go with four leaves of kale. we got persiancucumbers, these are nice because the pretty much just can be pushed down. we will do twoof these, so again i focus on green as being a predominant i think in food groups of colorswhen i’m doing this. a couple of persian

cucumbers, we’ll look to do some carrotsas well, like to do two cucumbers, three carrots depending on the size, these are kind of onthe smaller side i may use a fourth. we will do a beet, we’re not going to do a fullbeet, these are very high in sugar so you don’t want to overdo it. they have tremendousnutritional benefits i’m sure you know better than i. so we’re going to take half of thisbeet. and this is the recipe i do for two people. so if there’s just one of you, you’regoing to want to make this in half the proportions that i’m d escribing one of the things that i like to do when i juice is, like this morning i made a vegetablejuice and it was about 40 ounces of juice, and today i juiced actually straight up persiancucumbers are some of my favorite to juice,

some celery, as well as some kale and otherleafy greens out of my garden. and so you know every day i try to have a juice and onegood way to implement and get juices into you every day is right when you wake actually,instead of breakfast i would encourage you guys to drink a fresh juice because it’sgoing to be, number one, it’s going to be healthier than your normal breakfast. in myopinion juicing and having some fresh juice is far better than having cereal, having anykind of toast, having ham and eggs, because it’s like, because think about it, breakfast,think about that word, breakfast. so we’re going to break it down, break fast. you knowbreakfast is called breakfast because you’re breaking your fast because you’ve just slepthopefully eight hours, hopefully you guys

are getting enough sleep out there. you’rewaking up, and then you’re breaking your fast of sleeping. and so what i like to dowhen i wake up is i wake up and i break my fast as soon as i get up i’m usually thirstyso i just drink some water, so this is kind of like easing me into my day. i might workfor a half hour, hour, two hours, you know and then i get hungry and i’ll make my juice,which is my breakfast or the first food of the day. this also gets you off to a goodfast running start if you’ve got tons of stuff to do in the day like i know you guysdo, like we all do in this fast-paced society, and also because it is so easy to digest right,your body doesn’t have to sit there and digest food and take energy from you. i knowwe’ve all felt this after the thanksgiving

meal, the big christmas meal, you’ve eatena big meal of food and afterward you just kind of feel like taking a nap and going tobed, that’s because now you’ve eaten all this food, now our body’s got to take energyfrom other parts of your body to basically focus on your stomach so your stomach canextract the nutrients out of the food you just ate. now juicing is the easiest foodto digest so your body has to put very little energy to get the nutrients out of it, andthen you get a lot of nutrients out of it so that you’ll actually have more energyin the long run. all right mit what else do we got over there?okay so in addition to the kale, persian cucumbers, the carrots, and the half of the beet, wehave a granny smith apple, one solid apple

that i’ve cut up into chunks, and then lastly,some ginger. and just about this much ginger will do it. you just want a little bit ofthat otherwise it’ll be too strong or at least too strong for me. a lot of this youknow, tune it to your own flavor. what you want to do is balance all of the health benefits,you want to maximize that, and balance the flavor so that there’s some sweetness aswell as some tartness i like, but you want to get a good mix, whatever is appealing toyou. other things you could put in would be some myer lemon, [inaudible] fantastic kick,you could put in dandelion greens, you could put in the greens from the beet, i’ve actuallyalready juiced those, those are tremendous in health benefits. but this is the fundamentalcore, occasionally i’ll put in some celery,

but these will always go in.awesome, awesome. yeah i mean the other thing i want to recommend is you guys eat the rainbow,don’t just focus on any one color food, you want to eat as many colorful foods asyou can because once again, each different color of the food has different phytonutrientsand phytochemicals. hey do you have any purple [laughter].purple stem? purple stem cannabis here, you know juiceall the purple stems because now you’re getting purple antioxidants in through thejuicer. all right so i guess we’re going to goa head and start juicing in the greenstar twin gear. and now, important when using any juicer, hopefully you’re using a slowjuicer, especially when you’re juicing the

cannabis i’d recommend the green star fora recipe like this, probably the best juicer to use. if you’re going to be juicing straightup cannabis mostly without any additional stuff, then i would recommend a juicer likea single auger style juicer such as the omega nc 800. and that’s going to do pretty muchbetter for straight greens than the green star, but if you want the highest nutritionand highest yield when juicing carrots and greens, then the green star is simply it basedon my testing. so let’s go ahead and turn this on, and what we want to do is we wantto rotate the items that we’re putting in, so don’t just put in like all the kale,then all the cannabis, then all the cucumbers and all the carrots. you know the juicer likesdifferent textures and it especially loves

the textures in the carrots and the beetsbecause it’s nice and hard, it’s going to help push that fiber through. as you guyscan see we juiced a whole bunch of the leaves earlier and we’ve just got a small amountof dry fiber i mean this is what should be going in your composter or in you trash, it’sa lot less than what we had originally of all that leaf matter, and literally i gotall the nutrition out of it. so we got the carrot so let’s go ahead and show you guysthe power of the green star. literally i like this machine because if you look down thischute there, you see two stainless steel gears running together, we could literally put thisstem in there, look at that, it sucks it right in like magic! after we’ve got that in herewe might go ahead and put a leaf of kale,

suck it on in there, and then we’re goingto go ahead and stick a carrot in, i like to stick the carrot in the small end first,push that in there. then next we’re probably going to take the cucumber we’re probablygoing to push about maybe half of that cucumber in there. and as you guys can see we’vegot the pulp coming out and now some of that juice that didn’t come out earlier is nowcoming out of the juicer. i can smell it.yeah it’s—oh man i mean this is amazing, this is like cake here, it’s like so dryi can squeeze it and there’s no juice coming out. and it literally broke up that long steminto just fibers, this is totally amazing. so we’re going to go ahead and drop a pieceof beet, oh, can’t forget about that apple.

we’re going to go ahead and use the pusherthis time. and now we’re just going to keep rotating the produce that we’re puttingthrough the juicer. so mit what are some of the benefits that you derive from drinkingthis juice recipe every day? energy, energy unquestionably. i guaranteeif you—maybe i shouldn’t say guarantee, but i would be shocked beyond belief if youdrank this recipe and didn’t feel energized for several hours thereafter. so i, whilei’m not as religious as you john, i’ll wake up and have a cup of coffee, i’ll havesome wheat-based cereal, you know full disclosure as you said earlier. but at some point inthe afternoon, after i’ve had the first half of my day and i’m going into the afternoonand i want a pick me up after my lunch, i

will have this juice, and i will be full powercharged for the rest of the day into the evening into dinner. it’s more powerful than a cupof coffee it seems to me. i mean you mentioned earlier, drinking it first thing in the morning,i’ve never tried that because i can’t imagine the amount of energy that would giveme, it would be just, you know in the morning i’ve got my highest energy load anyway,i can’t imagine being any higher. so that is your primary benefit, you will taste thenutrition, you will feel the nutrition, it’s like a direct shot of it to your system, andi—well again i’m not going to say guarantee, but i would be shocked if you weren’t leadinga more productive life if you find yourself doing this day in and day out.i mean i totally agree, i’ve sold juicers

to literally thousands of people around theworld, actually, and everybody that gets into juicing, and they’re not generally juicingthe cannabis leaf, they’re just juicing fruits and vegetables, and they feel moreenergetic you know, they’re on their way to losing weight and getting healthier, andeven if you’re like mit, you still drink coffee and have cereals and all this stuff,i’m not going to tell you not to do that, but i’m going to say what you should bedoing is in addition to all that stuff, because we know some of that stuff, coffee, that’snot that healthy right? do something healthy for yourself, so even if you do all that stuffright, do something healthy, hopefully you’ll start feeling the benefits, feeling the differences,maybe you’ll then go down and instead of

drinking coffee every day you’ll drink itevery other day and then you’ll have more juices instead of coffee, and i think thisis definitely a good way to get on the health bandwagon so that you can derive the benefits.all right, looks like we’re getting pretty full there, we’re going to go ahead andstop this guy. we got a nice delicious juice mix right up here look at this nice rich color,look at that. gosh.we’re going to go ahead and sip this back and forth a few times, make sure we’re well-mixedhere. look at that – virtually pulp-free. all right, there we go man.fantastic. all right, to your health.cheers.

cheers. wow, it’s actually quite good, ithink i probably should have juiced a little bit more of the apple but i personally lovethe taste of the cannabis leaf and yeah we juiced the stems and all. the green star juicerwas not an issue man. man this is one of the most nutritious juices i’ve ever tasted,first time ever juicing the cannabis leaves. fantastic.mmm. gives it that kick right at the end.yeah you can really taste it. i want to encourage you guys to not only juice the cannabis leafbut also juice other things as well, even if you want to, if you’re trying to loseweight, one of the really good things to do is just go on a juice cleanse, and i’llrecommend a movie to you guys, i know many

of you guys out there are overweight. statistically66% of americans are either overweight or obese, and there’s a good movie that canhelp you, it’s actually called “fat, sick, and nearly dead,” so google that. it’sbasically an australian guy that came over to the us, he was fat, sick and nearly dead,overweight, unhealthy, had all these health problems. he basically went on a juice fastand healed himself, and lost weight, gained more energy at the same time, and i just kindof wonder if that dude was actually juicing cannabis leaves man, he’d probably be bouncingoff the walls and off the hook. so any last comments you’d like to say today, mit, aboutthe cannabis and the application of juicing it?absolutely, and that’s very simply, if you

have access to clean green certified, or evenif it’s independently inspected certified like the clean green program is, but organiccannabis leaves, stems, even the little flowers when they’re being flowered out, if youhave access to that by all means juice it. even if you’re not treating a problem thatyou necessarily have or that you’re using other medication, it will benefit you withnumerous health benefits just simply by acting as an anti-inflammatory, just the thc a, thecbd a, those things are going to benefit you in ways that are increasingly being foundto be immeasurable, so by all means juice it, juice it as much as you can, and justconsider it as a superfood like it evidently is increasingly every day.i totally agree with that, and i mean besides

just the cbd and thc and all the other cannabinoidsin there, there are other nutrients in the leaves such as the vitamins and the mineralsand hopefully you guys are using the system like mit here to grow nutrient rich and mineralrich foods. in addition there is chlorophyll. any green food contains chlorophyll, it’svery similar to our red blood cells, so it can help to detox you. from all the differentresearch i’ve seen, and after all my channel is called growing your greens, and i do notdiscriminate against any edible leafy green whether that is cannabis, ashitaba, like togrow that one, longevity greens or gynura procumbens some of my other favorite herbalgreens, i mean we all need to embrace these greens, they were put on this planet for areason. oh yeah, you know i want to mention

this, i saw this leaf here, man, and thisleaf had this white stuff on the back, now what you got some powdery mildew or what’sgoing on here man? you’re supposed to be organic, what’s up?[laughter] exactly, so we’ve got problem with this white stuff. actually no, no,’s not a problem, what it is, is simply diatomaceous earth. as you may or may notremember if you’ve seen the other videos that we’ve done in the past, we use diatomaceousearth here at north coast and we use that as an all-natural mechanical pesticide. whatit does is it acts as little tiny shards of glass in case any insects walk across it anddie. so that’s what is on the back of this leaf, and we don’t use it, and this is animportant point to know, we only use it when

the plants are in their vegetative state.once they go into flower, we don’t use it, it never gets mixed into the flowers thatactually get produced to be consumed by patients. so we don’t use it there, but we will useit here, and occasionally it will be resident on the leaves still even in the flower stage.if you see this, if you’re using de and you see this on the leaves, you don’t wantto use these leaves not because it’s going to hurt you, not because it’s going to hurtyou, but because the de acts as, think of them as little sponges, and they’ll absorbthe nutrients that you’re putting into your system with the juice, and you won’t getthose nutrients assimilated into your blood stream. they’ll be passed out of your de acts in that absorbent capacity with

respect to things like heavy metals as people do ingest, in fact i’ve done it in the past, i went on a three-month programwhere every day i ingested de but i never did it with a meal, and i never did it witha meal because i wanted those nutrients that i was taking in to get assimilated into myblood stream. i always did it in between meals. so for the same reason i pluck out any leavesthat have some residual de on it, and i don’t juice it. if you get one or two leaves inout of 1,000 or 100 or whatever is it going to be the end of the world? no, not that bigof a deal, but what you don’t want to do, you want to have this information, be armedwith this information, so that you’re not juicing a ton of leaves with de on it, andtherefore not getting the benefits that you’re

doing this all for in the first place.awesome yeah, i mean the other thing you can do too is just simply wash off your leavesand just wash them off to make sure there’s no de or any other kind of things that maybe on your leaves before juicing them. all right mit so i want to thank you for havingme out to north coast naturals again, had a fun time juicing the straight up cannabisand actually i really loved the mixture, because i mean when drinking the juice, i mean i’vedrank literally thousands of different juice combinations but never one with cannabis andi really—something just lights up on the inside when i drank this it was like “wow,this is what i’ve really been missing, really been needing,” i believe that cannabis shouldbe legalized everywhere, and i believe that

it is a leafy green that i believe everybodyshould be ingesting just like any other leafy green but the fact of the matter is clear,most americans are not eating enough leafy greens in their diet, and cannabis is a leafygreen, as is kale, as is collard greens, as is spinach, as is wheat grass, and it is abeneficial green for us. so if you don’t take anything else from this video, get juicingand get growing some of your own greens so that you can be healthier, and in my opinion,the reason why i’m juicing and into gardening actually, is being proactive against my healthinstead of reactive. for those of you guys that know or don’t know, it was maybe like25 years ago i was in the local hospital, and the doctor said that i was not going tomake it out alive. and that’s not a fun

place to be, and you can think about whatyou could have been doing during your life to prevent that situation from happening,and that’s simply how i live on a day to day basis. i do not want to ever be back inthe hospital with the doctor saying “john you might not make it out of here,” if ihave control over the situation, and the way i’m taking control over my situation isby feeding my body some of the healthiest best stuff on the earth, which is basicallyhome-grown fruits and vegetables, and yes, a whole ton of them.all right mit, so i look forward to having future episodes with mit we’re going toget into the science of juicing, the science of the thc, the cbd, and even in 215 i heardhe’s going to start a youtube channel and

have some of his own videos about differentstrains and all the other stuff that he’s been learning here growing some of the highestquality cannabis here at north coast naturals. so if someone wants to get a hold of you mitbecause this guy is literally a wealth of knowledge.[laughter] well once again, just like last time, we don’t have any methods of communicationwith the public in general as of right now, but as john mentioned in 2015, this year weare launching a full-on website and we are going to be producing some videos, we thankyou all for the questions that we have received from your videos, we thank you for the correspondencethat we’ve received to the extent that we’ve been able to receive it, and so we’re goingto try and be receptive to that and address

a lot of that, and we’ve got a lot of excitingthoughts in the pipeline, and we’re looking forward to explaining more and more aboutwhat we do at north coast, and what you can do at home.awesome, awesome, yeah i mean i want to encourage you guys, if you made it through this wholevideo, congratulations you guys have an open mind, because i know some of you guys maybeturned it off after five minutes but then you wouldn’t get to see this message, andi just want to encourage you guys to have an open mind and experiment with things. youknow, first time i’ve drank cannabis juice, i’m not high yet, mit said i can’t gethigh, but more importantly i’ve gotten all the beneficial thc cannabinoids, cbd in thestrongest way possible, the easiest for my

body to be so that i can be as healthy asi can, i can continue to make these videos for you guys, and if you like this video pleasegive me a thumbs up, i’ll be sure to come back and make more videos with mit here atnorth coast naturals. also be sure to subscribe to my videos, and be sure to check my othervideos right? i have over 1,000 videos i’ve done maybe a handful on the cannabis, andif you’re freaking out about that, maybe you just need to find another youtube channelto watch because i don’t discriminate against plants, i don’t think there should be lawsagainst certain plants or anything, i think we should be able to use the plants that weregiven to us here on this earth to enjoy. anyway that’s it for this episode, onceagain my name is john kohler with,

we’ll see you next time and until then,keep drinking your fresh cannabis juice.

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