medicated e juice

medicated e juice

this film is about cannabis but it does notencourage the use of any illegal drugsor breaking the law in any other way. 'making cannabis oil with rick simpson' hello everyone! my name is rick simpson and this isa medicine that basically anyone can produce at home using everyday utensils like a rice cooker coffee filters and things of that nature. in many countries thati've travelled to like in india and in central american countries like honduras

i've run into the same type of bud. you know the problem here is the growers are not taking out the males the bud material is seeded. if the males were taken out,the buds would be much much bigger and they would have more resin on them. you know, i'm not saying that varieties like thisdo not have medicinal values. they do, to some extent. on average and from what i've seen nowa bud such as this is only producing

maybe 70 to 80 g of oil out of a kilo. now if this was high quality it could be producinga 175, 200, even more than 200 g per dry kilo so, there's a real problem in these countriesand growers have to come to realize that they are not growing this properlyand they should be growing strains that are heavy indicas.the heavy, sedative, sleepy indica strains. that's what you need for healing.but unfortunately in many of these countries they are still growing a lot of sativas are highly energizing. that is not the effect i want for someonewho is dying of cancer or has a serious illness. even though the right cannabinoidsare still in the sativas to cure cancer,

it's like i've said, trying to usethe sativa can present many problems. if you go to these seed cataloguesor online companies you can see the descriptions of the seeds they sell. and often they'll tell you the thc levels,as well as some of the medicinal aspects of the seeds you're purchasing. today, unfortunately this is what we have to work with. this is, what, a hundred grams? a hundred grams. so, i'm expecting this will only producemaybe 7-8 grams of oil at the most.

but this is for demonstration purposes. now, there are many other ways ofmaking the oil. i used to have a 5 gallon still. the policein canada took my distilling device away in 2005. but the only thing is,most people don't understand distilling. so, i needed to find a simple way thati could show the public how they can heal themselves. and i was looking at all thesedifferent appliances. when the temperature within the rice cookergets up a little too high, it automatically kicks itselfon to the low heat. i thought if it does that, then itmight work to produce the oil.

so, i brought it homeand sure enough it did. it works very well. a lot of people have asked medoes this process achieve decarboxylation. which is very important, becauseyou are rotating the molecules within these cannabinoids to the delta-9 position. that's the most medicinal position. i'm happy to say that one of thetop experts in the world dr. paul hornby, he actually sampled my oils,he produced my oils following my instructions and he said that this simple methodachieves perfect decarboxylation.

so, that should erase any problems there. today, we'll be using solventsbut in the near future i know different ways now of producingthe oil with no solvents at all. but today this is what we'll do. if you have a loved one that issuffering and dying, and even if there is a law in place, you know, as far as i'm concerned,if i had a loved one dying, i would grow the plants,bring them to full growth. then i would produce the oiland save their life.

because the effectiveness of this medicationis just beyond belief. okay brother, we don't have tobreak that up any more. now normally, i would put thisin a bucket like stainless steel or a heavy plastic bucket and i would beat it with a stickor something of that nature. but today we're just doing a smallamount in glass as you can see. so, i'm just going to do it by hand. i'm not worried about the solvent. this is alcohol so.

'step 1 of 3 - washing'all we got to do is justdampen the material. usually i just dampen itand i break it up with my hands. now what you are doing is washing the medicinalresins which are on this plant material. you're washing it off with the solvent. that's all you're's a very simple thing. and then, usually i wash it twice. now the amount of solvent you use dependson the amount of material you're working with. back in canada i was doing a pound, about 450 grams,i was using 8-9 liters of solvent to do two washes. if you did a third washyou might get 2-3 grams of very low grade oil.

the first wash takes off 75-80% ofthe available cannabinoids. the second wash basically takes offeverything of benefit that's left. so many people contact me saying'oh, i'm afraid to make the oil.' you know, what are you afraid of?anybody can do this. throw a bit more solvent in there, will you viki. that's better. that should be enough to do the first wash.and you want to break the bud up. there's many, many different simple waysbut i just wanted to show the public that you can actually create medicinesright in your own home

that will heal diseases whichthe medical system actually says are incurable. here's a way you can help yourself. and this is what i want people doing.i mean, i don't sell the oil to people. i used to give it away. 'i want people to know how to heal themselves.'this is a natural right, for us to all grow this plantand use it as a medicine. because, we were free to do thisfor thousands of years. no one actually had the right tooutlaw the use of cannabis anyway. all they did is rename it marijuana, told the whole worldthat is was some dangerous deadly new drug.

which was a total was all lies. everything they told uswas based on lies. this plant has never harmed anyone. and it just happens to make the greatest medicine on earth. 'step 2 of 3 - filtering (1st wash)'all right, we'll just use this fora rough filtering to begin with. that's good enough for the first wash i think. i've used ether, i've used naphthaand i've used isopropyl alcohol. i've never used acetone, but i've been toldthat acetone would actually work very well too. and the other thing peopleshould know about solvents,

the proper solvent should beclear like water to begin with. and then, when you put it on your finger it should evaporate in 30-45 seconds leavingno solvent residue or residues from additives or anything. as you can see, my fingeris just about dry. that's a good solvent to use. but if there is an oily residueor anything remaining, or if it takes 2-3 minutes to evaporate off,then i wouldn't use that solvent. actually, alcohol is not quite as good as something like benzine, for making the oil.

because it has the wrong polarity. alcohol, you see, dissolves some of the chlorophylloff the plant material. and it makes the oil, made with alcohol, usuallycome out darker then it would if you had used benzine. when you're done, the oils are really not oils.they're like a thick resin or a thick grease. now, here's what i'm talking about. see? your fingers are literally stuck togetherfrom the resins from the plant. people often go on and say 'oh, you know,this method, you're using poisonous solvents.' well, all solvents are poison. but, the simple truth is theseoils are so anti-poisonous.

if there was any solvent residues that posed a threat,the oils would neutralize any harmful effects. i mean, i've been eating this oil myself for 14 years. i think by now, if there was any harm oranything detrimental i would have found it. there's viki doing this and actually all overthe planet there's tens of thousands of others. this is an answer for the suffering masses.for people who don't have the money 'step 2 of 3 - filtering (2nd wash)'to play the games the medical system wants them to play. in reality, they can make a better medicineand a much more effective medicine, than anything the medical system has to offer. medicine today is about money,it's not about healing.

this, these extracts, they're about healing. if you've got lots of solventyou can do a third wash. in some cases you might find it beneficial, but anything from the third washi would only use maybe on skin conditions. i would use the 1st and 2nd washfor internal conditions. the weaker oils, for skin conditions. it's just an ordinary everyday coffee filterand we've had wonderful results using these. it stops any of the plant materialand anything unwanted from getting into the oil. okay, this is going to takea few minutes by the look of it.

so, this is the sand particlesthat need to be filtered out. that is one of the main reasons why weuse the filtering paper. i found that people putso much trust in the medical system. you know, like the doctors tell themthey must take chemo and radiation and sadly, most people will dowhat their doctors are telling them. but when you look at chemo and radiationit's really nothing more than madness. this is not a viable or a sensible treatmentto treat somebody who's suffering from cancer. when you hear people are dying, you know, oh wellthey took chemo and then got an pneumonia and died. well the reason they got an pneumonia isbecause they have no immune system left,

because the chemo killed it.radiation does the same. you have a much better chanceof being cured completely with this. and it only takes usually 60 grams of oil. but, if you've been damagedby chemo and radiation, then i'd strongly suggest people ingesta 180 g, 3 times as much to undo that damage that chemo andradiation have left behind. once your body is back in a state of good health. then, you just drop your dosage backto a drop at night before bed. about an hour before bed put a drop on your finger.or you could take two drops.

it's really up to the person themselvesand what they're comfortable in taking. this is a medicine thatyou can't overdose and die from. if you take too much all you do is wake up unharmed. so, it's not like other pharmaceutical medicationsor anything of that nature. usually, like a maintenance dosewould be 1 to 2 grams a month. we're not talking about a lot of oil. and that just protects your acts as a preventative medicine. so, i think it's very beneficialthat everybody do this. as a matter of fact, when you look at most peopletoday, our bodies are all full of toxins.

because our environment is full of toxins. we have heavy metals in us,so i think it's actually a good idea or would be a good idea for everyone,every adult even if you don't have cancer or anything else wrong with you at presenttake the full 60 gram treatment. detox your body. bring your body back to a state of good health. then just drop it back to a maintenance doseand away you go for the lest of your life. if you want to put your trust in medicine,this is a medicine you can trust. there's no danger involved. just make it properly.follow the instructions.

like i said, anyone can produce this. we just changed the filtersto speed this up a little bit. you can see the sand andother contaminants that the filter catches. okay, i guess we got it all in here. all right, bring out the rice cooker. so, we just pore this in.see how golden it is? 'step 3 of 3 - cooking' the rice cooker has, like i said,two heat settings. so, we just put the rice cookeron the high heat setting.

this process, it is safeif it's done properly. as long as you're using your head and stayingaway from the fumes of the solvent as it boils off 'no smoking'than there is very little danger of harming yourself. what you're doing is always aiming a flow of airright at the rice cooker. the air is passing over the top. that carries the fumes away and that's fine. but if there's no air flow orif there is little air flow, what happens is, the solventsare actually heavier then air, so when they come off, they go down.

if they go down underneath the rice cookerand they get up into the vent, then you could end up with a fire on your hands. the name of the game is to use cautionand to use the fan always. never try to do this without using a fan. like i said, that's the safest and best way. i think it's so hard for so many peopleto believe this because it's so damn simple. who would believe that you could take a rice cooker,a pound of good cannabis bud, a couple of gallons of solvent a few coffee filters, a table fan, and produceyour own cancer cure in your own workshop. and it's not just cancer. like i said, i do not knowof any disease that this treatment is not of benefit for.

there's many people now with aids, multiple sclerosisall kinds of horrible, so called incurable diseases that are having magnificent results. like for children with autism.this is a wonderful medication, that actually seems to have the abilityto bring most of these children back and gives them a life. sets their parents free. because if you have an autistic child,that's basically a life sentence. if we can bring these children back and give them a life,a decent future, then why not, why aren't we doing this. again, the medical system is notoffering us anything to work with. this oil is something we can rely on.

there are well over a hundred different cannabinoids.i don't think most of them even have names yet. it's that synergetic effect of all thesedifferent cannabinoids working together. that's when the magic happens. but to single out one specific cannabinoid,i don't think that's right at all. you need them all working together.that's the reason i've seen such wonderful results. with most of the oils i've made,they were all very high in thc around 90% or even better and thenusually cbd content 2-4%, cbn 2% or something like that. a lot of these cannabinoids are only there in a trace, like 1 one hundredth of 1%.we have to do research into that.

we have to determine how manycannabinoids this plant really has. we're just scratching the tip of the iceberg herewhen it comes to this plant. we have a great deal to learn. but we already have learned whata magnificent medicine it can produce. so, we have a wonderful starting point. how can you have something better then this?we have a cure here for cancer for god sakes. i always tell people, lookdon't believe a word i'm saying. simply go out, get 30 grams of good bud,produce the oil following our instructions. it only takes a small amount of solvent.

it's very easy to make that amount of oil becauseyou're only looking at maybe 3 or 4 grams of oil. and then as soon as you make the oil,just find somebody with a skin cancer, a diabetic ulcer that won't heal, a third degree burn or psoriasis, any of these diseases. put the oil on, put a bandage on,leave it for three days, remove it, change the oil every three days, fresh bandageand watch what happens. it heals at such an accelerated rate. it's truly mind boggling.i've seen my own hand, this one here third degree burns. from the time i burnt it,eleven days later completely healed. all just pink skin and even the hairfollicles all grew back.

so, it's like i've said, if that oilcan heal my hand that rapidly with no scaring, what would this do for a child that hadbeen burnt in a house fire, say a bad facial burn? do you think it might regrow their face?i do. from what i've seen of rice cookers, theyjust do not generate enough heat to harm the oil. you have to get up to over 300 degrees fahrenheit or up to around 140-150 degrees celsius beforethe cannabinoids from the oil start vaporizing off. i wouldn't go any higher than 130. as a matter of fact, in most casesi would tell people to use 120 and that's enough. this will take a few minutes for the solventto heat up and start boiling.

but as the solvent boils off, when it's coming down,i always add a few drops of water. the solvent has a much lower boiling point than water the solvent comes off first, thenthose few drops of water that i've put in they disperse all through the solvent oil mix,into tiny little particles of water as they turn into steam, they come up through the oiland they're literally washing the oil of any solvent residues. i've made the oil withoutadding water and it still worked, but i still feel that those few drops of waterdoesn't do any harm and that it's a good idea. the water is the magic ingredient, h2o. we'll start getting a lot morefoam here in a few minutes.

i always like to do that.i don't know if it's really of any benefit. i think it probably helps releasethe solvents a bit more quickly, but it's something i don't thinkis really necessary. that's just steam now.and now we're taking the excess water off. you start with quite a bit of plant material,but you have to remember, whatever healing power was in that plant material,is now in this pot. as you can see now, there's not much happening in there. the bubbles are mostly gone. i'd say that oil is almost finished now actually.

but, i'll take it back up to the high heat to seeif we can get any more bubbling activity going on here. 'the process can take anywherefrom 3 to 8 hours.' i think it's done too. there's no bubbling activity.i'm holding the high heat on. there's nothing happening there.i would say this oil is definitely done. so, at this point, usually all i do is to prop the rice cooker up on somethingso the oil all runs down to one spot. okay, i think this is ready to draw.let's draw this out. now, there's always oil that's left never get it all out.

but if you take it when it's warm,you can clean the pot right out with tobacco or even dry bread. when you spread that on your can see there's a golden appearance to it. when the oil is hot,it's runny like an oil. but, as it comes down to room temperature, then it hardens up and turns into the consistency of a thick grease. this is the resin off the plantand that's what it's supposed to do. i'm going to bring upwhat would be a beginner's dosage. you can see it here on the end of this.that is the dosage a beginner would take.

it really equals about halfof a short grain of dry rice. i tell people, take itand put it on your finger like that, it's like a thick grease anyway, so i put it in my mouth andscrape it off with my teeth. then i take a drink of cold water. the cold water hardens it upa little bit more. then i just flip it off my teeth with my tongueand swallow it like a pill. there's many different ways of taking this. if you don't like the taste or something,

you can take your dosage and put it betweena piece of bread or between two slices of banana. anything like that, very easyto get it into your system. this is like a beginner's dose,so every 8 hours. early in the morning, mid-afternoon,and about an hour before you go to bed. then, after 4 days youdouble the amount you're taking. just double your dosage, three times a day,4 days later, double your dosage again. the average person, if they do this, they canwork their way up to taking 1/3 of a gram every 8 hours. i'm going to show you what a standard cancer patientwho's reached the 1 ml or 1 g mark a day. i want to show you how much oil he actually is taking.1/3 of a ml equals 8-9 drops.

so, you're looking at a dosage like this. you would take this dosage 3 times a day.and the strange thing is, if you took this dosage right off the bat,it would knock you down for many many hours. because, this is a very sedative substance. but, it's usually within a month, your bodybecomes accustomed and builds up a tolerance. even though you're taking these big doses of oil,other people don't even know you're taking it. there's no sign, you're not high. but, if you take that much oil in the beginning,you'll get high, as high as a kite. there's a reason i tell people,take your time, build up your tolerance properly.

but, in some cases,where people are very close to death break the rules just take as much oil as you possibly can,as quickly as you can into your body. even with the small doses, what you can expect is basically that the patient is going to sleep a great deal. for the first two and a half, three weeks or so,they take a dose of oil, an hour later they're back in bed. this is what the oil is supposed to do. but after about three weeks, that daytimetiredness that you feel after taking a dose, it just fades away.

and you continue to sleep very well at night,with no adverse side-effects. with this oil you sleep like a baby. i always warn people, in the beginning,don't drive your car. for the first 2 or 3 that time you get the feel of this medicine. in reality, you're not impaired when you're taking this medication because it does not affect your motor skills. unlike alcohol and pharmaceuticals,this does not affect your motor skills. so, you are not impaired. after you get the feel of this medicine, you can safely drive your car again and everything like that. it's not going to harm you, you will not become an addictand the faster you can take it, the faster you will heal.

for god sakes, lose your fear of this medication.there's nothing to be afraid of. i'm sure that you'll all have wonderful results. especially when you become oil makers yourselves. because, literally you become your own doctor.then all the mystery in medicine just fades away. because now you have somethingthat does work on basically any condition and it's something that you can produce yourself.

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