thc infused vape juice

thc infused vape juice

[music]alright! this is john kohler with, today i have another exciting episode foryou, and happy 4/20 for everybody out there, 4/20, i don’t know it’s one of my favoritedays, it’s the day after my mom’s birthday, so happy birthday mom if you’re watchingthis [laughter]. anyways, the topic of today’s video is cannabis, as you guys know i’ma proponent of cannabis and the way that i like to consume the cannabis and that i liketo educate people about it is not the psychoactive effect or the effect that gets you high, butthe nutritional benefit and the medicinal benefits of cannabis is a very high antioxidantfood, has a lot of different cannabinoids, phytochemicals, phytonutrients, vitamins andminerals, and it’s very healthy for us just

like any other food on the planet, whetherthat is grass, which is another leafy green, kale, or whether it’s something like ashitabaor gynura procumbens, two of my other favorite nutritional herbs that you can consume tohave the highest level of health and fight different kinds of diseases. i mean, the storieson cannabis helping so many different people are incredible, and this is due to the compoundsin the cannabis, the cbd, the thc, thc-a, cbd-a, and those are just some of the morepopular cannabinoids in there. now the reason for this episode is because i like to be fullytransparent with you guys right? i taught you guys and said in previous episodes isthat raw cannabis cannot get you high, and that’s what i learned, that’s what dr.william courtney says in his lectures and

his talks, because he’s been working withraw cannabis for much longer than i’ve been using it or researching it. and that’s whatpeople taught me. so that’s what i shared with you guys, but now i want to detract andretract that statement and say i was wrong. you know i’ve experimented a lot with rawcannabis consuming in different ways, and i’ve never once gotten high from it. buti can tell you, i’ve successfully figured out a way to get high from raw cannabis, andi really did not like the experience, you k now. i normally live my life on a naturaldiet for the last 20 years, and believe, i’m high on life, and i love the feeling of howi feel, how i wake up in the morning i have full energy to do whatever i want in the day,i’m excited about life, i’m happy, and

it’s just, life is just joyous and i believeeverybody out there should live this kind of life and be happy, be joyous, eat a naturaldiet, and be high with life with the foods of the planet eating high quality foods fromyour garden, and without the use of any kind of psychoactive substance to make you feelgood about yourself, whether that is alcohol, whether that is any kind of drugs includingthe psychoactive use of the cannabis or not. that being said, i know there’s people outthere that are really getting high from cannabis or using it for the psychoactive effects,and we’re free to do what we want in this world, and what i’m going to share withyou guys is going to be basically a really good gift to you guys because i would muchrather people consume the cannabis in the

way i did to get high in its raw, naturalform where it has more beneficial phytonutrients, enzymes and bioflavonoids and vitamins andminerals and cannabinoids, than just smoke it where actually you’re only getting asmall percentage of the beneficial effects and you’re getting a really big effect fromgetting high and you’re also kind of messing up your lungs, you know? sure smoking cannabisis better than smoking other things, but any kind of smoke particulate into your lungsis not a good thing in my opinion. and why not get more of a whole food, you know i alwayswant to encourage you guys to eat whole, natural foods, and foods from the garden, some ofthe best foods, foods out of the grocery store, foods in cans, bottles and jars and out offast food places, those are some of the worst

foods that you can be eating, so i want youguys to move towards healthier and get away from things that aren’t as healthy, andsmoking cannabis, not as healthy as consuming it the way i’ll be showing you guys in justa minute. another thing that’s really cool about the way that i got high from cannabisand the way that you may want to do it in the future, and that i’m going to sharewith you guys in this video, is that you don’t need to no longer grow the cannabis plantout and wait for the buds to mature and be fully sticky oily and all this kind of stuff,much like a pineapple, you know we got a pineapple growing here, and the pineapple can take 18months to 24 months to be fully ripe and mature, and that’s a long time to wait for the pineappleand you guys have to wait for your buds. well

the way i show you guys how i got high unexpectedlyand not willingly, you only need to grow out the plants to the leaf stage, so this is goingto change everything on how people grow, how people use, and all this kind of stuff. inaddition another thing is, no longer do you need any kind of usually cannabis relatedparaphernalia – lighters, roaches, buds, matches, pipes, you don’t need any of thisstuff, so you could be in your car driving and have a jug of green juice, right? andnobody’s ever going to suspect that you’re high off your ass on cannabis. that’s crazy,but nonetheless, i’m also sharing with this for you guys, for those of you guys that wantto use cannabis like i do in its nutritional benefits and medical benefits, medicinal benefits,as i do have a medical or a recommendation

from a doctor in california for the use ofthe cannabis for me, so that you guys don’t get high. and you guys have kids, you won’tserve them this specific recipe or recipes very similar to this so that you can avoidthis. and trust me, i will be avoiding making this recipe ever, ever, ever again, becausethis was not fun for me, you like, i want to say this sincerely to guys like, i livehigh on life, i love how i am and the one thing after i drank this juice and a coupleof hours later i was feeling it weird, and i was like “okay, john you’re high thisis not cool, i really don’t like it.” if i wore watches, and i don’t recommendyou guys wear watches because it stresses you out, puts time constraints on you, “igotta be here, i gotta be there,” and ages

you prematurely. if i did wear a watch i’dbe like, i’d be a clock watcher, like you’re at work and like “oh what time is it? oham i off yet? is it five yet? is it five?” i’d be watching the clock like “is thisover yet? all i want to do is i want this to be over, i want this feeling to be outand gone from my body,” because i did not enjoy it. and i want everybody out there hopefullyto get to where i am where you’re just high naturally on life by eating a natural plant-baseddiet full of fruits and vegetables and all the different abundant plant foods on theearth and not being tied up into all these processed addictive foods, junk foods, fastfoods, high salt, sugar, oil foods that keep stimulating you right? so i guess withoutfurther ado, let’s just get into this video,

the first half of this video is actually wherei made the specific juice recipe that will get you high based on me and also based ona friend of mine that actually has much higher tolerances to thc than i do, because i don’tget high and maybe this was a special effect that i had. and then in the second half ofthis video, it’s my buddy who has high thc tolerance as i try the same exact recipe onhim, and he’ll give you his feedback and his results on how my recipe affected himfor ten hours, so this completely insane, give me a thumb’s up if you liked it, i’lldo more videos on the cannabis and how to use or not to use as in this situation. andtrust me, i will never be using this recipe again. the final disclaimer is that in theupcoming section where i am juicing the cannabis,

i mention several times you cannot get highfrom using raw cannabis. this is incorrect, that was what i had learned previously, andi detract that statement, so i didn’t edit the video because i thought you couldn’tget high from it, boy i was wrong, so i do not recommend this recipe for kids or forpeople that do not want to experience the psychoactive effects from the cannabis. ofcourse if you do, then you’re going to want to pay some attention. alright, so withoutfurther ado, let’s get into that video. [inaudible], today wehave another exciting episode for you, and what i’m going to do in this episode issomething that i actually got a request for many times over the years is “john, what’sthe best juicer for juicing the cannabis leaf?”

right here, the cannabis leaf, also knownas the marijuana. now i know some of you guys, this is a very controversial topic becausethe cannabis is the class 1 drug which the government believes there’s no medicinalvalue, and that’s why it’s a class 1 drug in that it’s addictive, and i’m not goingto debate what the government’s doing. but i do want to let you know that on the sametoken while it is a class 1 drug, the us government also owns patents on the medicinal benefitsof the cannabis and how it could be good for things like alzheimer’s and hiv dementia,a patent that they have in 2004. plus many states have now legalized the cannabis formedicinal uses if you have a recommendation from a doctor, such as what i have. and somestates are even legalizing it for recreational

use. now i don’t advocate the use of smokingit up because that is how you get high. it’s quite unfortunate we’ve all been taughtthat marijuana or the cannabis gets you high, that’s the only effect it has on you. there’sa whole range of effects that cannabis can have on you, including beneficial antioxidanteffects, anti-disease effects when you use it raw and you do not heat it. so when youheat it up like if you smoke it, if you actually cook it right, you heat it up into brownies,you will get the psychoactive effects, and when you eat it and consume it raw, like i’mgoing to demonstrate for you guys today through a juicer without any heat involved, right,you’re not going to get high from it. and so what i’m going to do in this episodeis actually just make a really quick and simple

recipe, probably like the best-tasting, bestway you should use your cannabis if you are legal to do it where you live. so very simplyi’m going to juice a whole bunch of the cannabis leaves including the baby buds, thisis basically trimming that a grower did not need, my medicinal collective that grows addition, besides juicing the cannabis to make it sweet and taste good, i’m goingto juice some royal mandarin tangerines, and in addition to increase uptake of viable cannabinoidsin the cannabis, including vitamins and other minerals, i’m going to go ahead and basicallymake french coconut milk into my juice. so the appliances we’re going to use todayis a high-power blender, so i recommend something like a vitamix, and we’re going to use avertical slow juicer today, now this is the

omega vrt 350, this is what i have at thistime. that being said, if you want to make this recipe, a better machine to do that basedon my testing is the omega vsj 843. that’s a vertical single auger juicer that is moreefficient on leafy greens than any other juicer i’ve tested to date, so cannabis greensare just yet another herby leafy green, so if the juicer’s going to do well with herbystyle leafy greens, then it’s probably going to do well on cannabis. the other juicer thati would recommend for cannabis is the omega nc 800, that’s if you don’t want to juicefruit and things like the coconut milk infused with the cannabis. and if you are lazy likesome people, and you get cuttings and it has all these stems, you don’t want to takethe time to basically take off all the leaves

like i’m going to do today and strip thestems, because you can’t just put the stems through the juicer, it’s going to clog thejuicer up, the juicer’s going to break, it’s not going to be happy. you know, thenyou want to use the greenstar elite gse 5000. i mean, it could literally take these hardstems, put it through there, and it’s going to grind all [inaudible] and extract the nutritionout of it. so you know, there’s different juicers for different uses, and some of thevideos on youtube show juicing cannabis in a standard department store juicer you couldget at walmart or whatever, and i do not recommend that, you’re going to very little juiceout of it, and you’re going to be wasting your valuable greens. so yeah, recommend aslow juicer overall, this recipe and other

similar recipes including some fruits, theni would go with once again, the omega vsj 843 for juicing straight greens if you wantto just do straight greens and green juices with little fruits, the omega nc 800 is yourbest option, and of course if you just want to juice the stems and all and juice a littlebit of everything, the greenstar elite jse 5000 is your best choice for that. in anycase so without further ado, let’s go ahead and get into this recipe and show you guyshow it’s going to work. first we’re going to have to start making our coconut milk,so i just got a standard coconut here. you want to pick these without any blemish spots,i got a little knife here, and there’s two eyes and a mouth on the coconut. the eyeshave the eyebrows, you can kind of feel the

ridges. i’m going to take this little knifeand shove it right through the other hole that’s smooth, and this with this littleknife it allows me to get in there, and when you pop open you’re going to hear a littlepsss, like you’re opening a can coffee, right? that’s very important, because ifyou don’t hear that noise, then the coconut might have gone bad. so with this little bladehere we can get inside, and we’re just going to carve out some of the coconut meat hereso we can have a nice runway and a nice large passage way for all the delicious coconutwater that’s rich in electrolytes to come out, and i’m just going to go ahead andset that on top of the blender. and we’re going to go ahead and let that drain the other thing you’ll need to do is

prepare your cannabis leaves. so to do that,when they are all on the stems you’re just basically going to strip the stems. so i liketo go reverse pattern from the top down. i just take my hand on the stem and go down,and basically all the way down and then i’ll wipe out and take off all the leaves. youcan skip this step if you have something like the greenstar elite juicer, so i’m goingto go ahead and put all this stripped down leaves the bowl, and you know you could bereally anal and pick off all the leaves that are brown that aren’t super-good, but thatcould take a lot of time. the other thing i want to recommend to you guys is that theselittle buds here, right? mmm. pick them off and eat them, they’re amazing. i also liketo put them in raw soups. once again, uncooked

ways that you eat cannabis whether that’sa soup that you can make a soup base with the juicer, you know you will not have anypsychoactive effects. so we’re just going to go ahead and continue to strip down someof these leaves, we’re going to get a whole bowl of the stripped down leaves without allthe stems. looks like all our coconut water came out. once we got all the water out, thenwe’re just going to go ahead and simply take a hammer and we’re going to go aheadand tap and turn the coconut on the equator. the north pole is where you put that hole,the bottom is where they have that little pointy area. and so you’re going to justtap the coconut in the center pole, the center equator, you’re going to hear a pop, andthen you can go ahead and open up the coconut

just like so. then what you’re going toneed to extract the meat out of the coconut is actually this special tool available, this coconut meat extractor. so basically you’re going to take this tool,this is also a good weapon if you live in new york city, you know you’re [inaudible]you’re on a subway and you got to stab somebody. but you’re going to take this little tool,and it’s a little bit sharp so be careful, and you’re going to basically shove it inbetween the shell and the coconut meat. once you do that you’re just going to basicallyturn this around the coconut, moving it all the way around, and basically enabling yourselfto easily pop out the meat, i know many of you guys may have done this with knives andall this stuff and it’s really dangerous,

i’ve cut myself trying to get coconut meatout with a knife, and it’s very important something my grandfather said, and i believeit to this day, the right tool for the right job. to get coconut meat out you need thecoconut meat extraction tool. number one it’s going to save you time, time is money. alsoit’s going to do the best job and get all the meat out so you get the deliciousnessof the coconut and all the medium chain fatty acids that are so beneficial for your health.alright so we’re going all the way around, and as you guys can see i got this whole coconutout, and what i want you guys to look for on the coconut is this. you’re going toleave some of the [inaudible] membrane on there, and this part of the [inaudible] looksfine, because we got the white coconut, the

[inaudible]’s really bright and vibrantcolored. over on this side the [inaudible]’s kind of looking a little bit darker. there’ssome kind of like soft coconut stuff on there, and this is part of the coconut that’s goingbad. so i’m just going to go ahead and take a knife and carefully shave all this bad partout, and then i’m going to go ahead and cut this meat up, and then throw it into thecoconut water in the blender. alright so i got all the coconut meat shavedoff and now we’re going to go ahead and cut this coconut into small pieces so thatthe blender can easily handle it. and this is [inaudible] very important in the blenderthat you’re using, especially if you don’t have a high powered one, make sure there’senough coconut water, you may need to add

additional coconut water or just some plainwater, because most blenders will not be able to literally have the power to grind up thehard coconut meat here. and what we’re doing actually is we’re really making a coconutmilk infused with the cannabis and also with the royal mandarins to make it sweet and sweetenit up a little bit you know? and i want to let you guys know that the best way to usethe cannabis in my opinion is to juice it right? i mean if you have a recommendationfor the cannabis you could eat it all day long and if you chew it into mush that’sgoing to be good, but juicing literally liberates all the different phytochemicals, phytonutrients,cannabinoids in a liquid form into the juice, and now you’re able to drink the juice,and in your intestines you have little villi

which are kind of like, think of them as nosehairs, when the air goes through your nose hairs, the nose hairs kind of catch debrisand dirt, well when you eat something, drink juice, goes to your stomach the little villican basically only extract things from a liquid state, right? so if you’re eating wholecannabis leaves and you’re not chewing it masticating it well, you’re not going toget the medicine you need. and that’s why i like to juice cannabis, and as good as cannabisis, and to me cannabis is just yet another leafy green vegetable put on this planet bynature, by god whomever you believe in, for our benefit. and i want you guys to consumeother healthy leafy green vegetables as well as other fruits and vegetables, which arethe most healing goods on the planet. and

in my opinion, like i’ve done 20 years ago,eliminate the processed foods, junk foods, the animal foods, and just eat best know fruits and vegetables are simply the best in the world, no matter what conditionyou have, i’ve had many friends, including myself that have gotten better from many differentillnesses by simply eating and even the majority and all of their diet in fresh fruits andfresh vegetables. super-healing and super important. let’s go ahead and put in therest of these pieces of coconut in the blender, gotta go ahead and put the blender top on,and we’re just going to crank this up to high, it’s going to get a little bit loudfor you guys. alright so it looks like we’re done blending, you know optimally it wouldhave been better to have a little bit more

water in here, because it didn’t reallyblend to well, it’s a really thick mixture, but this is completely all right. we’regoing to be able to utilize this to make our juice. now the other thing you’re goingto need to do is prep your oranges, just like i had to prep the coconut, prep the cannabisyou gotta prep the oranges, or in this case the mandarins. and the best way to do that,you could peel them but i would not recommend that because once again i want to encourageyou guys, eat a whole foods diet of real things without ingredient labels, and we want toeat as much of the food as we can. so normally we wouldn’t eat the peel because there isindigestible naturally occurring chemicals in things like tangerines, oranges and grapefruits,and so what we want to do is we want to cut

out only the coloring but leave that whitepithy area. so these fruits have actually a nice pith on them as do navel oranges usuallyhave a larger pith area than say valencia oranges, so you might want to get the you can keep a lot of this white component of the orange, tangerine or other citrus fruit,because this is where all the bioflavonoids are you know? i know you guys have heard youknow there’s more nutrients in an apple near the skin than in the apple itself, andit’s the same with an orange, and same with virtually all other fruits for that matter.the dark pigments in the queen of all fruits, known as the mango [inaudible] you know, becausethe inside is like white, but the dark outside coloring is purple and that’s super-nutritiousfor you, we want to try to get as much of

this stuff in us. so i’m going to go aheadand carefully shave off all the outer coloring and keeping as much white pith as i possiblycan on a couple of these tangerines. alright so i got the last bit of this tangerinepeel off, and what we have now for my recipe is a total of six royal mandarin tangerines,and we got a whole bowl of the cannabis leaf here. now i can’t make any recommendationsto you on how much of this to use, you want to contact your medical provider, or likei like to do, just check myself and see how much i’m going to need. now i do want tolet you guys know that you can overdose smoking or eating cooked cannabis leaf, because you’lljust get—you’ll get sick because the thc in there you can exceed your body’s tolerance,and i do want to let you guys know that when

you use it raw there’s very little thc,that’s the component that gets you high, that’s the component that has the psychoactiveeffect. when you juice it, you get the thc a which is converted into the thc that getsyou high when you heat it up. so i don’t advocate the use of heating it up becauseyou lose a lot of the good nutrients in the cannabis as you do with other foods that you’reeating! so eat your foods in their raw and natural state, before man invented fire, right,as much as you possibly can, okay? so yeah, so you literally, it’d be very difficultto overdose on the cannabis leaf from what i have here, when using it in this state.alright so anyways, let’s go ahead and get started with this recipe. when juicing anythingin a juicer, i always encourage you guys to

rotate the produce you’re putting throughit so for example, some people might have these three ingredients, and they’re like“okay john, i’m going to juice all the cannabis leaves first, then i’m going toput all the coconut stuff in there next and then i’m going to put all the tangerines.”that’d be a recipe for disaster right? basically, like we like variety in our lives, as doesthe juicer, so for the juicer to work properly, you really need to put a handful of cannabisleaves, a little bit of this coconut stuff, and then you’re going to go ahead and puta piece of the tangerine in there. so that’s what i’m going to simply do next, we’regoing to put bits of each one at a time and let the juicer do all the magic. alright solet’s go ahead and turn this machine on,

and i always recommend and encourage you guys,you want the most nutritious juice, you gotta have a slow juicer, this is very important,you want one that runs under 150 rpms or revolutions per minute, that’s super-critical, you go ahead and put in three handfuls of these leafy greens including some babyimmature buds. we’re going to go ahead and take out a scoopful of the coconut that’sbeen broken down. now as you guys see i broke down the coconut first, i’m not just puttingwhole chunks of the big coconut, because you could do that, but you’re not going to getas much milk extraction, and that’s what i like. i like milk, baby, the coconut milkthat is in my juice. and so after that we’re going to go ahead and put in some of the i do want to let you guys know that you

know, you’re going to use improportionately,you’re going to use a lot of the cannabis green and it’s not going to make a wholelot of juice. the majority of this juice actually is going to be the mandarin tangerines, becausethey have the most water content. and that’s what i want to encourage you guys to do whenformulating your recipes is use some fruits, whether that’s tangerines or something likeapples, to have a nice watery juice that all this delicious extraction could come intoand also it’s going to balance out the flavor pretty nice. so as you guys can see i’mrotating the different items i’m putting through the juicer, got the cannabis greens,going to go ahead and take another scoop of this broken down coconut mixture, and thenfinally we’re going to go ahead and put

in another tangerine. so, i could sit hereand juice this in front of you but i’m going to go ahead and juice most of this stuff up,and i’ll come back at you when i’m nearly done to show you guys the results.alright so as you guys can see i’m almost out of all my cannabis greens that i’m juicing.we’re going to go ahead and put in maybe like the last handful of the cannabis greenshere, and then we’re going to go ahead and put in the last scoopful of the coconut mixturethere, and it looks like that’s pretty much it, and then finally we’re going to go aheadand just put the last few tangerines in here. now this is been working amazingly, and ifyou take a look on this side, i mean you can literally see all the cannabis greens andall you see is literally almost this green

sawdust stuff, i mean this stuff is fairlydry, i’m actually quite impressed on how this machine is juicing the cannabis, nowonce again the best machine, vertical style machine like this for the cannabis based onall my testing on leafy greens is the omega vsj 843, the best juicer for straight greensand other greens and vegetables, nc 800 by omega, and if you want to juice all the stemsand not have to deal with plucking them off which is kind of a pain, greenstar elite gse5000, all these are available at so i mean literally these are the best juicersto juice your medicine, your cannabis leaves as well as other leafy greens, and you knowi want to encourage you guys, besides having the best juicer that’s going to retain themost amount of nutrients in the juice, i want

you guys to take your diets to the next leveland source the highest quality medicine in the case of cannabis leaves, or food thatyou could possibly get, right? you know standard agriculture, industrial agriculture’s notproducing the highest quality food and frankly most growers growing cannabis leaves are usingthings, pesticides and other things that may not be approved for food use, which is appalling,because now you’re concentrating the nutrients in the cannabis, but if your cannabis is notgrown in a clean green or organic fashion, you’re also going to be ingesting thesetoxic chemical pesticides, i mean most cannabis is grown hydroponically, and if you go intoa hydroponic shop you’re going to see all kinds of nasty chemicals, both out and alsobehind the counter that they hide from you

that you would not want to consume that there’swarning labels. so i encourage you guys to get a good quality, good source of the cannabisgreens, if you can’t find a good quality one, grow it yourself. and this is what iteach on how to grow all foods, whether that’s cannabis, or other things on my youtube channel,, because purely as hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine, and medicinebe thy food,” and i try to increase the highest quality food i could have by growingit myself, and sourcing my cannabis leaves from special shout out to north coast naturalsthat grows the highest quality cannabis leaves that i’ve found without the toxic pesticides,because we don’t want to ingest those toxic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fungicides,and we want to have the highest quality foods

so that you could have highest quality medicineso that you guys could be the healthiest and get the response you desire from the foodsor your medicine that you’re consuming. so if you want to learn how to grow your ownfood, check out my other youtube channel, let’s see here, soi’ll have to move that over so it doesn’t drip in there, and here is some of the medicine,because i created a whole bunch, we’re going to go ahead and pour this stuff up, look atthat nice mixture here. and actually just all what you saw, and actually i still havea few tangerines i didn’t juice and created about 32 ounces of the juice here, we’regoing to go ahead and pour in one spot. now i do want to let you guys know you know, whenyou’re making your medicine, like you could

cook your food in advance and take it outof the fridge and reheat it in the microwave, but especially important when you’re juicinglive vegetables that are living right, that are not cooked, these things are very perishable,so you know, one of my juicing father figures was actually know as jay kordich, the fatherof juicing, and he taught me way back when is that he worked with a doctor garnett changat stanford university treat patients who had ulcers with the cabbage juice, and ifthey fed the cabbage juice to the patients within minutes after making it, the patientshad beneficial effects from this, and if they waited an hour or two after they made thejuice and the patients drank it, they didn’t get the beneficial effects of healing an ulceror whatnot, right? so that’s why i encourage

you guys to make your juice and right afteryou make it drink as soon as you possibly can, i know this is not possible for everyoneto always have the juicer available so you can make your food or your medicine, howeveryou want to call it, so then i do have a video that i’ll put a link down below on how tostore your juices the most effective way, and once again number one start with the highestquality ingredients, you know clean green certified grown in things like rock dust andtrace minerals that i talk a lot more about on my gardening channel to have the highestquality foods, juice it with the highest quality juicer such as the ones that i recommendedand then drink it right after you make it. so that’s what i’m going to do right now,we’re going to go ahead and try this for

you guys. mm, wow oh my god, makes my bodytingle. i really taste the coconuty flavor, and the dominant flavor is the tangerine juiceit’s nice and sweet, and it’s almost like eating a creamsicle with a hint of the cannabis,you can taste the cannabis, but it is not strong at all. this is a recipe that evenkids will like, and i know there’s many parents out there watching this video withkids that get things like seizures, and the cannabis juice has helped them. and this isone food that needs to be legalized everywhere for medical use. and that’s my opinion,because it can help so many people without chemical drugs and pharmaceuticals that helpsome people for a while, but also hurt many in my opinion. so if you enjoyed this video,please give me a thumbs up, i may do some

more videos on juicing cannabis, how to doit and different recipes. it is something that’s very important to me, because i believeit has raised my level of health and got me healthier from even where even where i sure to check my past episodes, i have over 400 episodes on this youtube channelexplaining and demonstrating all the different juicers including some of the ones that imentioned in this video as the best for the cannabis. and also be sure to subscribe tomy videos for new updates and when i make new videos on cannabis. i have a lot of coolideas about how you could use some of the appliances to have the highest quality medicinein your life, so you can get the desired healthful benefits that are available in the wonderfulworld of plant foods. so once again, i want

to encourage you guys to support me and mywork by making your purchase at and allow me to do what i love, is to teachand educate people about eating healthier and getting healthier, because when i wasyounger i almost lost my life, and i’m here on earth for a reason, to help others be sure to visit me at, once again my name is john kohler with,and be sure to visit for special promotional offers for our youtubevisitors. alright so you guys saw that episode whereactually i was in this very kitchen and this happened yesterday where i made the juice,and my amazing juice once again out of the coconuts, those delicious royal mandarin tangerines,as well as a whole bowl of the cannabis leaf

here, and this was done actually yesterday,and i want to let you guys know, you know i was taught from, you know some of the mostexperienced doctors in the raw cannabis industry such as dr. william courtney that you can’tget high from consuming raw cannabis that has not been heated up, and so, i want tojust share with you guys my experience because i kind of just tell it like it is and i alwayswant to let you guys know what’s happening in my life and just you know being transparent.and so i juiced the cannabis yesterday, you guys saw me make the juice, i drank a littlebit on the camera, and then i had an additional probably like 40 ounces, 36 to 40 ounces orsomething like that, drank it, felt great like i do after most green juices i woulddrink because to me this is just another green

juice. and then probably about two to threehours later, i don’t know if i want to say i didn’t feel good, i felt different right?and so, i could only say that i felt this kind of difference back in high school andcollege when i did use to smoke and experiment with some cannabis back then. and you knowthis was not a desired effect for me, so technically i believe i did get high from consuming raw,this specific juice recipe with the cannabis greens, maybe some of the citric acid in theoranges helped to pull out the thc and then it combined with the medium chain fatty acidsof the coconut because some of the cannabinoids are fat soluble so they go right in thereso then i got better uptake, or something crazy happened. so i want to just warn youguys if you are doing this recipe, you know

i got high from it, and that may also happento you, i mean this is a whole new territory out there, there’s not a lot of researchin this subject, so i’m curious about this to learn more. you know actually that’swhy i’m making this same exact juice today to try on some friends of mine to see whathappens to them, if they also have some kind of effect like i did, it may just be thati’m super-sensitive because i have been living on an organic clean, plant-based rawdiet for the last 20 years and, i don’t know. this just really weird so, be forewarnedthat the recipe that i show previously in this video may cause some psychoactive effects.and i’m going to have one of my buddies that’s more experienced with the cannabisthan i, consume it to see what’s going to

happen to him. so actually let’s go aheadand get him in here to share with you guys what’s going to happen.and this is my buddy josh, from the boogie brew company, and he’s a little bit moreexperienced with cannabis than i am, and with much higher tolerance levels.yeah, i mean, i consume cannabis a lot, i actually do smoke it, some people call mea pothead whatever you can judge me but, i was shocked, i mean i saw this guy last nightand he’s not the jk that i know. he was definitely under the influence, so now i’mgoing to be the guinea pig. i have extremely high tolerance levels, so i said “no way,you have to cook it, you have to heat it up, it has to be heated up in oil for it to getyou high.” so this is a real unique situation,

because if it’s really true that this particularrecipe with as he said, the natural citric acids that are in the tangerines, the naturalfatty acids, the mcts that are in the coconut, combined with the super juice from the leafand from—these aren’t even buds i would ever smoke john, these don’t have thc inthem, these are like pre-buds. so i’m going to be a guinea pig, and what we’ll do iswe’ll follow up right? we’re going to in a few more hours this afternoon i havenot consumed any cannabis, i have not smoked any today. john asked me to stay sober today,and i’m going to do that, and i’m going to drink exactly what he drank yesterday,and then we’re going to report back to you in a few hours, and we’re going to let youknow whether it’s affected myself the exact

opposite, it’s like a dichotomy here, youknow? i can handle a lot of thc in my body. if i feel anything at all, then that is news,that is worthy of reporting, because then we have a unique situation where cannabisthat has not been cooked, subjected to any heat whatsoever combined with natural plantextracts in its raw form, is being converted by whatever you call it, the carboxylated,i don’t know how the chemistry works. in the human body through john’s fatty cellularmembranes, through the tissue, and being absorbed. if that happens to me, then that’s news,and we’re going to have to call dr. william courtney up.alright josh so are you ready to try out this cannabis juice, because i know [inaudible]desired effect for you is to get high, the

desired effect for me is not to get high,to get some benefits of the cannabis without the psychoactive effects.yeah, i’m really excited, i really am that something that is so therapeutic and healthy,that, let’s face it, most of the cannabis consumed in this world is actually consumedfor its side effect. all right, including by yours truly. so i think it’s just almosttoo good to be true that… it could be healthy!right [inaudible] get high![inaudible] that it could be something that is going to hopefully inebriate me..[laughter] in a really positive manner, and that i canalso obtain such good nutritional benefit

from it, i mean the phytonutrients that arein cannabis is indisputable, along with the creamy mct fatty acid base and the coconut,and then what i believe has happened in john’s situation when he consumed this recipe andfelt some effect, was that mct base being activated or decarboxylated or whatever bythe citric acid that’s in the tangerines, it’s pretty hard to believe that not cookingit will get you high. so i’m looking forward to some of the effects, if there are any.otherwise i’m definitely looking forward to it just being a super-healthy tonic formy body which i need to drink more raw juices, i used to be all raw, and there’s nothingbetter. you know being naturally high, drinking raw juice, that’s the way we should alllive, so hats off to you john for keep spreading

the word. i am your willing co-participantand guinea pig in this experiment. alright so what i’m going to do next is[inaudible] go ahead and get juicing today. basically all i did was i first blended upthe coconut meat here, and then i poured it, i put in some of the cannabis leaf here intothe juicer, i put some of the coconut mixture in there, and then i just cut up pieces ofthe oranges not going to juice [inaudible] since i have a whole video on the juicing.and yeah, check out [inaudible] we’ll come back at you once i make the juice, and joshwill get to down at least a quart of it and see what happens.this little juicer kicks ass, i mean this juicer did a great job, it’s an amazinglittle machine. i’m really surprised at

how well it works on the cannabis leafy’s definitely not a juicer that’s engineered specifically to deal with leafy green vegetables,so i’m very impressed with how well it performed as a multi-purpose juicer taking these otherproducts and the leafy greens. so let’s see what happens.alright so i just got done juicing all the cannabis, the tangerine and the coconut, andi’ve been actually just filtering out since this juicer leaves a lot of particulate inthere… let me smell it. mmmm.i don’t know man, like seriously after drinking this and the experience yesterday like i’mscared to drink this, i do not want to drink this like, josh is excited to drink it, idon’t want to drink it, so what i did was

i ran it through a little screen because iwanted to just try to duplicate exactly what i did yesterday. it was the cuttings out ofthe same bag, coconut bought at a similar time although not exactly the same, but hopefullyclose enough for government work. so, this is what we got here, it’s about 42 ounces,and we’re going to go ahead and give josh a nice beer stein.look at that nice consistency… all those cannabinoids, yum!ok josh, try this on camera and tell everybody what it tastes like to you.mmmm, oh it’s heavenly, the smell. my body’s visceral response mechanism’s already kickinginto overdrive. tell me john, after your somewhat disruptive experience on your day yesterday,how does this smell to you, i mean does your

body still crave it? is it something you stillwant, or are you now turned off to it? i mean to me, it doesn’t smell bad like“ew that’s gross,” like if i smelled something really gross, it’s neutral, it’snot like “oh that smells good to me,” like it does for you, it doesn’t smell badlike, knowing what it may do to me like, i don’t want to drink it, this tastes like cannabis. it does.mmmmm. wow, wow, i’ve never tasted anything like this. wow.yeah, [inaudible] just with the coconut makes things creamy, i’ve used coconut with somany other vegetables, till i’ve made nice creamy soups that have no psychoactive effects,so this is quite new to me.

wow.don’t make this for your parents without telling know, i have a hunch, i have a slight suspicion, this is going to work. we’llsee. we’ll see if this works, i mean have very high tolerance levels to thc.alright. so this stuff gets me high, it’ll get anyonehigh. so we’ll see what happens. i’ll give you a report in a few hours.yeah i mean this is, and also too, you know, some famous philosopher person said, “thepoisons and the dopes,” right? i don’t know about this being a poison, but it’sall about the dosage and frankly, that was a lot of cannabis leaves, and you might notwant to do this many, you know some recommendations

are just a dozen or a handful of leaves, witha few buds, i mean this is a lot of little baby buds that josh says are juveniles they’renot going to do anything. yeah.and this is a large quantity, but this is how much i drank because i’m a serious greenjuicer and i like to drink any kind of vegetable greens in their juice form, and so josh isgoing to get to drink all this stuff and see if anything happens. now yes, i may have beenquite sensitive to these kind of things, and i’ve done similar recipes like this beforeand nothing’s happened. so i don’t know what’s going on.[laughter] well like i said, i have a very high tolerance level, so if this results inany degree of inebriation for me, then i guess,

well that’s a good problem to have, becausethere’s a lot of health food, raw food advocates out there who would never want to smoke thecannabis to enjoy its side effects, even though as i said already, most of the cannabis inthis world is consumed deliberately for its side effects, never mind its cancer cell reduce—imean cancer cells will not survive in the presence of this stuff, i mean this is absolutelyawesome, i can taste the health, literally i’m already feeling a good buzz, a bodybuzz, a healthy, not a side effect high, but a healthy high. i can taste the energy inthis stuff john, this is great. alright josh, so i’ll make sure he drinksthe rest of this stuff, and then we’ll come back at you, with some updates [inaudible]day.

yeah we’ll keep you now we’re back with josh, and he’s going to share with you guys his experience,unfortunately the other person in the video boogie bunny, cannot share her experiencewith eating raw cannabis. we were trying to film her, she was just enjoyingsome of this, but she already had her fill, so you got a quick little clip there of theboogie bunny. but you know in nature, animals would morethan likely eat cannabis. well after, the funny thing is…raw. yeah, she likes the raw stalks, like afterjohn was done juicing, we have some composted matter here, she actually likes just the rawstalks. so every part of the cannabis plant,

you can feed bunnies the stalks, great fiberbetter get a doctor recommendation for them too.yeah, get them a medical prescription. [inaudible] you’re growing it and you’resaying it’s for my bunny? i don’t know if that’s going to wife has been looking out on the internet for a new bunny, and apparently she foundone with its own spanish passport. [laughing]. alright josh, so anyways let’s get backto the point of the topic here, and the point is, after you had that juice today that imade for you that yesterday i drank and i did get high, which it wasn’t supposed tohappen because that was not my intent. right.and i wanted to get josh who once again had

the higher tolerance levels than a lightweightwho never does this stuff. right whereas i’m the exact opposite [laughter].[inaudible] right as i said, i have very high thc tolerancelevels, and i deliberately did not consume any cannabis in the usual inhaled form, idid inhale bill, not today, today i did not inhale anything, i stayed clean and drankjust the juice recipe. alright so how long ago was that? okay i wantto give you guys an update now it’s like 10:40 pm in the evening and i think you drankthat juice about noon. yeah i’d say noonish, yeah, yeah, so it’sbeen at least ten hours [inaudible]. alright so did it affect you, and how longdid it take before it affected you?

did it affect me? did it affect me are youkidding me? this is incredible [laughter]. this is really amazing, i am truly—i can’tbelieve there’s a cannabis leaf juice recipe that gets you high, okay? it definitely fact, it doesn’t just work, it’s [laughter]—it really is the best cannabis buzz i’ve everhad, it really is john, it really is. alright so i’m glad that i can [inaudible]took one for the team and high out of my mind and i haven’t in probably my whole life,like i really wanted it to be over like this needs to be done, i’m not happy, meanwhilejosh is loving it, so, you now i always want to teach you guys good, better, best, right?i don’t encourage getting high, but if you’re going to do that anyways, i do not recommendsmoking it, [inaudible] juice it so you get

some of the other benefits from the nutrientsin raw coconut and the tangerines and also some of this raw, well there is some i guessthc content [inaudible ] there’s definitely some thc, definitely.the next thing i want to do is really kind of try to get this tested with a lab like…right. juice the cannabis alone, juice the cannabiswith the orange, juice the cannabis with the coconut, and then juice all three and getit tested to see the thc a, the thc in there and all the different compounds that you couldtest to see how it changes and what happens, because this is—i mean everything i’velearned online and read about says you can’t get high and i’ve juiced this cannabis severaltimes with and without the coconut, and nothing

has happened, but this time, something weird’shappening man. with the tangerine, the citric acid that’sin the tangerine, and the coconut the mcts, the natural fatty acids that are in the coconut,i don’t know, the only other thing is hand me that kombucha bottle, come on, let’sbe honest, let’s show your audience there is one more possible co—i don’t think so. co-enzyme activity here, the probiotics thatare in this, this is called the bucha, life kombucha, this is the one thing in commonthat happened was i drank a couple of these, these are great for dry mouth, and you dranka couple yesterday, and so i’m wondering, could there be some probiotic conversion alongwith the fatty acids and the coconut, and

indeed the citric acid in the tangerine, becausei drank this same leaf juice recipe without the tangerine, but in a coconut milk base,and forgive me if i’m talking a little slowly, alright? it’s hard to focus on each word.this is amazing, this is the holy grail, this is truly amazing alright john? you have discoveredquite errantly, i mean, john lennon wrote that song, “life is what happens to us whilewe’re busy making other plans,” alright? so john was busy making other plans to gohustle in his garden, to have lots of energy from yet another canna leaf tonic, celebratinghis get legal, you know california right to drink is cannabis juice right? and he dida video, you should show your audience the original video you did [inaudible].yeah it’s right before [inaudible]

where he says “this does not get you high.”wrong john, this gets you loaded. it shouldn’t have got you high, all theother research that i’ve read online says you’ve got to heat it over time, and thisis fresh-picked leaf matter, and some small baby buds…nothing, i mean this is a joke, i mean there’s nothing in here, these preemie buds, if ismoke them, i get nothing but a headache, you know? i mean, we’ve juiced this kindof stuff before, this is from when mit or someone must have gone through and they supercropped their plants, which is really smart to do, because you only get the yield on thebuds out of the tall 18 inches or so of canopy. so supercropping is going in and cleaningout your trees underneath. and so the reason

there are these little tiny flowers on here,is because they are just that, premium early flowers two to three weeks into the floweringperiod the plant is putting out from all the boogie brew and all the good stuff you know,way too much leafy undergrowth vegetative matter. so you go in there and you pull allthat because you’re only going to get donkey dick buds, you know, on the top canopy right?so this is just super cropped preemie buds, when i chew on them, they’re not super-potent,these are not finished by any means, these have weeks and weeks to go. this is insane,i mean how did this happen, that you stumbled on a juice recipe, raw, this is uncooked,this raw juice alright? and you know what i love about this buzz, is positive it is,how high-energy it is, i’m still distracted

you know, that’s a side effect of cannabis,of thc consumption. but i’m actually more focused, i love it. i’m sold on this, idon’t want to smoke. that’s what’s amazing. wow.i don’t want to puff, i mean, i just want to drink more juice. [laughter] not a wholelot, like [inaudible ] it’s been going for 10 hours i mean, i don’t know what the dealis with these coconut fatty acids, they just keep on delivering, i mean it’s an amazingfuel. here’s the effect it really has, very motivating, i wanted to get on my bike, justgo ride like 100 miles you know, i mean that’s what i used to do. i want to go get in motionto stay out of any commotion. because if you sit too long on this juice buzz, and yourhead starts to throb a little bit, and you

can focus, you can almost focus like too muchon one thing.’s not like the buzz you get from smoking it, where you’re just like boom, boom, boom,boom. i mean it’s like boom, and then boom! it’s really hard to describe. the only wayto do it is to try it yourself. [inaudible]you’ve got to try this you guys, with the forewarning of the parents out there who juicecannabis leaves for their kids, don’t let them get a hold of this recipe you know? orget them on a cbd only, i think that’s the answer is people like john, who want to enjoycannabis for its innumerable health benefits, obviously, this recipe is great, look howit converted the thc that was in this matter,

and imagine if you had a low thc strain tobegin with, one with almost hardly any thc in it, if any at all, and just cbd, so i meancharlotte’s web, harlequin, you know these famous cbd only strains, this is the medicineof the future! now imagine, i’m just amazed at this because if this efficiently convertedthe thc, and all the thc a, and not the cbd a and so on, but just the thc to getting high,then imagine what [inaudible] yeah, and i’m feeling the cbds too, i mean this is a thcstrain, but it still has cbds in it, so i’m feeling that positive body buzz that you getfrom what i’ve learned, you know from the cbds in cannabis leaf juice. now imagine ifyou have a non-psychoactive variety of hemp leaf, of cannabis leaf that’s one of thesenew wave, cutting edge new generation cbd

strains, right? same exact recipe. surelyit’s going to convert those cbd acids and the non cbd a, the fat-soluble cbd with thiscoconut mct, and the citric acid decarboxylizing conversion, whatever the heck it’s doing,it’s doing really well. and what i’m saying is you know, it’s cool i still have energyand i can still focus on what i’m trying to say, and as you guys are probably gettingit by now, if it can get josh cunnings, a man with insanely high thc tolerance levelsright, this high for ten hours straight, right, then imagine what it could do for cancer patientsneeding to bathe every cell in their body with cbd a. so my point is, no matter whatcannabis you use, whether it’s a thc variety, or cbd only you know, you’re going to getultra-efficient conversion of those valuable

cell-bathing, regenerative nourishing compoundswill reset the human cbd system, the endocannabinoid system which is in every one of us. you justsaw the bunny, we got a few seconds of her, she loves this stuff. she doesn’t want toget high, she’s chewing on this stuff because her body too, the boogie bunny has cbd receptors,in every cell in her body. and that’s what you’re doing when you consume the stuff.and like i said in the video before, i’m looking forward to hopefully experiencingthe side effects, what other herb on earth has so many innumerable health benefits forthe human body, and yet most people still consume it for it side effect john. and soi could go on and on, obviously i’m stoned, so i talk a lot already, i have high energyand getting high just makes me talk way too

much.alright so all i can say is that i formulate my meals when i eat to have the maximum nutrientuptake and that’s what i did with this recipe and i guess it worked a little bit too well,i mean i want to have the tangerine juice for a little bit of sweetness, obviously mygreens or the cannabis leaf for its nutritional benefits, and i didn’t think i was goingto get high. then i put the coconut in there to drive that into my cells to slow down mydigestion so i get better uptake, and i guess you know because the cannabinoids are fatsoluble they kind of got into the coconut oil [inaudible]and the thc is fat soluble. yeah and the…the tetrahydrocannabinol, the thc is fat soluble,

and you emulsified it with that mct [inaudible]and sucked it in there and then my body was able to uptake it, and then the medium chainfatty acids actually get burned as energy quickly so then [inaudible] now it’s in[inaudible] thc in there and then it converted it [inaudible] high as a kite.but i didn’t get the munchies, he did, because i have high tolerance levels, and my body’sadapted to consuming large amounts of thc. and [cough] excuse me i’m…you’re smoking too much [laughter] no i didn’t smoke, i haven’t smoked, idon’t want to smoke, this is just the bud you know the…dry mouth. yeah the, whatever this stuff. but, no seriouslyi didn’t get munchies i was able to go a

whole day, i love the buzz, it was very motivating,i’d like to find an indica strain that’s [inaudible] you know that’s really designedto help people sleep, and do the same formula. what could you add to it for a night timefor slowing your body down along with indica dominant type thc marijuana? what else couldwe add? [inaudible] [inaudible] tart cherry juice will add yousome melatonin. oh really?it will mellow you out and you’ll just want to sleep man.i really want to try that, so you take the same recipe, because that is the magic base,this is what i’m christening it folks, i’m christening this, this is your base, if youwant to get high this is the tangerine coconut

cream growing your greens dream supreme uberrecipe alright jk? this is a phenomenal discovery, this has massive implications, mit, he calledand left a message today i should replay it just for shits and giggles on speaker phone,he was so apologetic you know that the leaf you got from him…maybe it’s just really good leaf. [laughter] you’ve gotta find this guy he grows somegood shit man. whatever, i mean we’ll try some low gradeand see if that base, you know that mct-rich coconut cream with the tangerine dream decarboxylizingfrom the citric vitamin c acid conversion maybe along with some probiotics you knowwe’re going to, i’m looking forward to being a guinea pig some more for this guynow.

[laughter].i’ll tell you what, i mean this makes me eat more raw, this makes me want to juicemore, there’s just something so motivating my body wants to bathe itself, not just inthe cannabis but in the fatty acids that are so good for my body from the coconut, andof course from the citric acid from the tangerine, and i’m already dreaming of using this baserecipe and adding other things to it like celery, you know for electrolytes and imaginea little sodium in there, organic sodium electrolyte. and then you know what else? some lemon iguess and, but that recipe works scary, scary how well it works, and like i said i can’tget over this. i just—i’m in shock, i mean i’m high as a kite, and i can’t believehow high i am, and i haven’t consumed anything

else, this is all i’ve had all day, oneserving of it, how big was that serving, 16 ounces?you had about 40 ounces, [inaudible]. okay, i…that’s a large serving, that’s my size, it’s not josh’s size..right. i was like, “i want to get josh messed upman,” no. i had no cleansing reaction you know, it wasn’tlike drinking wheat grass juice, and i can imagine anything else, even kale juice maybeif i’m not used to it. i’d have been to the bathroom a couple of times by now, butagain there’s something about cannabis that’s very soothing to the whole system. so thecells in my intestine, because they’re being

bathed in these beneficial cannabinoids andall the thc that i got high on, it re-generates that neuro—every cell in your body has abrain, has its own nervous system, right? it has its own neural pathways. and that’swhat blows my mind about cannabis, and how disgusting it is that it’s completely—it’sbeen 80 years of this, 80 years that it’s been illegal. and we’ve got to stop this,because this plant is so good for you. and we’ll rant about it in another video wheni’m straight okay? [laughter] this is amazing, i’m really i want to let you guys know that you know, josh, as well as myself, we have medical recommendations,and you know always act in accordance to the law, so only do this in your state if it’slegal to do so or you have a medical recommendation.

and you know, be forewarned, if you make thatrecipe that i did, you may, or probably… yeah i mean i know it’s becoming quite trendyalmost for the organic new wave compost tea using bio sensitive, eco-conscious weed growersout there to juice some leaves for their children as a way of giving them some of the benefits.i keep hearing about this which is fantastic. just be careful with the tangerines, i wouldassume any vitamin c containing for that matter, i wouldn’t take my chances with lemons ororanges based on this experiment, and the coconut, alright? we’re trying to be opensource with this recipe, we know it works, it works a little too well, you know be carefulwhat we wish for here, and the last thing we want to happen is for kids to be feelingthe way i have. yes, you can also tell—

[inaudible] scary, like i was super-scaredi didn’t know what was happening to me. and yeah like josh pointed out, i was likegardening and i was picking weeds and i picked the same weeds today that i picked yesterday,not these weeds but other weeds in my garden, and yesterday when i was picking i’d belike “okay there’s one, boom!” “there’s one boom!,” and today i was like “okaywait, okay there’s one, there’s one” i was like way more focused, [inaudible]yeah, it’s a [inaudible] it was too scary because i was like, hypersensitive.well a lot of the symptoms he described having, i enjoyed today, alright so again a lot ofit was he just wasn’t ready for it, he didn’t want to be ready for it, it is sad that thishappened but he’s being a good natured guinea

pig about it, and i’m a very happy, i’ma very willing guinea pig you know, i’m signed up for this, i mean like i said i’mtotally sold. this makes me want to go get my volcano vaporizer and only use that ifi was to need to supplement this with any inhalation. so it’s making me desire theconsumption of thc in the cleanest possible form, not the dirty way of [inaudible] mypipe you know? let’s compare this…[inaudible] pipes out of apples you know because i’m too lazy to clean my pipe so i justlet my pipes age naturally, a couple of days later, they’re done, you know an apple pipe.i don’t desire to puff on weed through apple right now. [inaudible] need more juice, i’mgood till tomorrow.

josh so, describe to my viewers the high yougot from this versus the high when you’d puff out or have to puff multiple times tokeep that going. yeah so the high from this is just more solid,more consistent. i’m still distracted, but not in the same level of distraction i get,it’s less of a dysfunctional high, it sounds weird, even though it’s more of a body high,i actually feel more positive. i kept asking my coworkers today, unfortunately i had toget boggie boxes out today john, but i didn’t pack any myself, i directed, but i was askingthem all, and they said “no, you seem pretty okay, you seem normal to us, somewhat stillof course crazy stoner josh [laughter], but i mean they were, like i said i was able tobe functional in a weird way, but i’m definitely

really, really high still 10 hours later,this is crazy that i can juice, what was that six ounces and maybe twice again as much asthis? there’s a lot of stalk in here. i know the big bowl [inaudible]it was a really big bowl he showed you in the video, it’s a pretty decent amount,but you know i used to generate that much every single night when i was a grower andi would go tend to my plants and do the super cropping, whether early in the cycle, i alwayshad plants that were always vegetating, moms, and then i had baby plants that were teenagers,and then i had of course my finishing plants, so chances are, i’d be able to keep myselfwell-stocked with this preemie blend which i’m assuming is partly responsible, thereare little preemie buds, but they’re so

small, and so undeveloped john, it’s amazing,what an efficient conversion of what is a low-grade material, you know if i smoked ofthis it would just give me a headache. it’s way too much carbon, and way too little i’m using very low-grade material, this is not from finished cannabis, i cannot imaginewhat this juice recipe would do if it was with a full eight or ten week strain or elevenweek strain that’s fully finished with mature buds, it would be off the charts, you know,it’d be probably too much. you don’t need it. so that just shows you, anyone can growa vegetative plant, even under an led light and probably get efficient conversion of thetetrahydrocannabinol that’s not even in any developed buds. i’m talking—i don’tknow we’ll try, we’ll get leaves from

vegetative mother plants only that don’thave any—but these are practically vegetative stage, this is a joke, these are not buds.these are not even budlets, these are just these hairy little wimpy preemie things thathave nothing in them. so that’s incredible, the conversion of all these compounds, especiallythe thc, that i’m totally feeling even now, ten hours later. it’s absolutely stunning.this blows my mind. i thought i knew a lot about cannabis, then i learned about ricksimpson, then i learned about cancer cells committing suicide in its presence. then iwatched people like sonjay gupta, for god’s sakes he was nominated to be the surgeon generalof the united states not once, but i believe twice by our president, and his about-face.and i watched the episodes on these autistic

children are being cured with cannabis leafjuice. i keep learning so much more about cannabis after a 15 year grow career, andthinking i knew—i thought i knew everything and i don’t know jack all, i mean this isamazing, we’re on the tip of a long new iceberg in medicine, and it is not about theside effect that i’m enjoying so much, it is about the positive health effects, i’mreally glad that john is still a believer in all that in spite of this aberration inhis cannabis journey towards even healthier body, mind, spirit, the guy’s always seemedthe healthiest i’ve ever met, and cannabis only seems to make him healthier. you knowyesterday was just an experience from that he probably won’t repeat and that’s fine,but it really didn’t hurt you, you’re

full of piss and vinegar today.yup. i remember you woke up this morning saying…i was high over. he was hungover, high over, there you go ilike that, high over, we’ll have to adopt that one.that wasn’t too fun either, but then i had my first drinks of water, had my first meal,then i was fine like nothing happened and thank god, because i wanted that…right you wanted it [inaudible] out of your system.gone, and i will not—i mean i’m going to experiment more, but not with the intentto do that, i’m not making the same recipe ever again.i mean this is just incredible, you know?

oh i know i’m going to make the recipe buti’m going to have a high cbd variety, not thc variety, very important.and in all honestly, i want to try that. i want to try the true cbd cellular neural systemregenerating endocannabinoid tonic supreme, and not the tangerine coconut stony creamgrowing your greens dream version, i want to try the non-dreamy, the true centered,focused cbd real not bliss to my head but bliss to my body, alright? regenerating allof that endocannabinoid system. i don’t even know how to speak straight right now,so you guys know what i’m trying to say, this stuff, we’re on the tip of the icebergwith this, this is the future of medicine. and i honestly believe…everybody could grow it and make it in their

kitchen.[inaudible] exactly, i mean there’s not one part of this plant that isn’t good foryou, not one part. and it’s so absurd, this 80 years of prohibition, it’s time to endthis all once and for all. way too many people are making money off of it john, and i’mnot talking about the growers, i was one of them myself, i mean yes, there’s an economythere, not much left, but i mean the whole industrial prison complex, my god, i thinkit’s one third of all inmates are in for frickin’ marijuana man, and…that’s ridiculous. it’s never killed anyone, ever. i challengeanyone that’s watching this video to tell me otherwise, it’s never, ever, ever killedanyone. you’d have to inhale cubic, cubic

meters of it for it to asphyxiate you, andthat wouldn’t be from the cannabis, that would be from the lack of oxygen to your braincells, you know, there’s no toxicity to this, i mean i ingested a lot that was convertedvery efficiently, low-grade material. i’ve had no side effects from this. it’s amazing,like i can’t say enough, it makes me not want to inhale it in any form, even througha vaporizer, it makes me just want to juice it, and greedily suck that nutrition down,and feel a great buzz all day long. i’m just amazed that this is—this has huge implications.i want other people to try it, am i just imagining this? did he just imagine… there’s noway i imagined this. i need some other guinea pig reports from you all out there to duplicatethis recipe.

if it’s legal where you are and you havea... of course.recommendation from a [inaudible] of course well it’s legal in almost halfthe country and if and you’re smart enough to [inaudible] go get yourself legal, youknow? so it’s as legal as you all want to make it be, and, it’s gotta be legal man,it’s just time to end this once and for all, for god’s sakes.alright so i want to let you guys know and remind you, both josh and i have medical recommendationsand you should only do things that are legal in your state, and this is actually wherei got my card,, [inaudible] california they have several different offices whereyou can go to get your recommendation if warranted.

next thing i want to say is that i know manyof you guys have said this before on my videos, i read some of the comments, it says “john,you’re high when you’re filming this episode,” so i’ve never been high…never. filming an episode, except for the one i filmedyesterday… [laughter]when i was high on the juice. otherwise i’ve never been high, i’m high on life, and iwant to encourage you guys to be high on life as much as josh loves being high on his can be high on life and not need this to feel good. i do it every day, and feelingthe way i did yesterday was not good, and i want to be over, josh loves it and that’scool you know.

yeah.i mean there’s freedom in this country to do whatever you want, and i want to live cleanand sober and not feel that way, but i did film an episode where i was actually high,so i’m going to post that one next for you guys so you guys can see when i’m high howi perform, because i thought i did all right because the, you know anyways, you guys willjust have to stay tuned for that episode… john real quick, word to the wise, i did notfeel like… i felt like i could ride my bike today, but i didn’t feel like driving, untili actually try to drive i’m not going to try. i don’t think you should try, if youdo this recipe, don’t even try to drive, alright? i’m pretty sure that if i justsmoked weed, i still could have driven, i

didn’t trust myself to drive, i mean you’vejust got to have a chat with your self-esteem when you’re this high, and just make responsibledecisions, alright? so i just wanted to throw that in there.alright yeah, i want to encourage you guys to be careful, and i mean just driving underany influence… no not good, not good…is not good [inaudible] even if you’re falling asleep right? you get ticketed for fallingasleep, you know so be safe, we don’t want to hurt anybody else.i mean i feel like i could adapt, i could get used to this high, you know just likesmoking it all the time, you get used to that, and maybe a bit more functional, but justbe careful what you wish for with this stuff,

it’s amazing recipe, it works too well,too damn well man. well i’m glad that i could figure this outfor everybody out there, if they want to do this of course for those of you guys thatdon’t want to get high when you’re consuming raw, don’t do this like i learned, and ialways want to try to share with you guys what i learned at the time, you know i’mputting this video out, not trying to hide it, i mean i made some incorrect commentsbefore earlier, i will take those back and say i was wrong, and hopefully other peoplethat teach about that you can’t get high consuming raw cannabis also starts changingtheir story based on what happened to josh and i, and also based on hopefully what’llhappen to you guys when you try this recipe

and see what happens. maybe this is an aberrationand maybe we had some greens that were too close to the lightbulb and heated up, or…no way, no way [inaudible] [inaudible] this is just too crazy and i wasnot ready for this, but i’m glad i could share this for you guys that may think ofthis as a value either direction, and you know that’s pretty much it for this episode,otherwise josh will go on ranting all night long and…[laughter] that’s a whole separate episode that we’regoing to do one of these days. so hopefully if you liked this episode and want me to domore cannabis recipes and videos about it when i invent new recipes that i don’t knowwon’t maybe knock josh on his ass, or not.

like i said, i really do want to try the samerecipe, but with a non-psychoactive strain, so just pick your strain, because i reallyliked the positive healthy motivating high energy, it was an amazing body buzz too. alrightthat’s very, very, let me just disclaim being a goofy stoner tonight, telling youhow it affected me psychoactively, but much more importantly, it gave me such a good strongbody buzz. so let’s stay true to that mission of promoting the message of cannabis health,alright? health is our only wealth, and i want to try it, actually that is the nextway i want to do it is with a charlotte’s web harlequin clone type of high cbd, very,very low to non-existent thc levels plant, just to feel that canna buzz, and not haveit be even, you know you could say distorted

by the thc buzz.yeah i mean i agree, i want to work on getting a cbd variety that’s grown in a clean greenfashion without any sprays or contamination, and i’m going to juice it up, maybe i’lleven film it for you guys when i do that and see what happens to me and i’ll explainit as i get off it. anyways, we’ve gotta go tonight, thumb this up if you want morecanna videos, be sure to subscribe if you’re not already for future updates on growingall kinds of different edible and healthy food, also known as medicines, and also besure to check my past episodes on growing all kinds of food, including i’ll put linksbelow to my other cannabis episodes that i have filmed, once again, retracting my statementthat you can’t get high from raw cannabis

leaves because i’ve proved that wrong, andi will continue to prove other things wrong, and i always want to encourage you guys outthere to experiment and take life as an experiment as i do as a kid playing with things thatonce again can’t hurt you and not get you into true harm.right. and then find out what happens. because thisis the only way that people and our culture will move forward instead of being back inthe dark ages and having a plant such as the cannabis still illegal, when in my beliefit can help so many people. so once again with that, this is john kohler with,we’ll see you next time and until then remember, keep on growing.

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